The Wiztastics are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. This travelling magic troupe are known for putting on spectacular shows. They are in purple and trans dark blue color.


  • Magnifo: The leader, the smartest and most serious out of the group who wants to be in the spotlight whenever possible.
  • Mesmo: A serious Mixel who usually lacks showmanship and emotional expression.
  • Wizwuz: The accident prone but loyal magician's assistant.


  • Their leader is Magnifo.
  • They are based upon the power of magic.
  • They all have additional parts or appendages, such as how Wizwuz has a hook on his tail, Magnifo has a cape and wands, and Mesmo has wizard hats.
  • Their cycloptic member is Magnifo.
  • Their tribe name is based off the word "wizard".
  • Their Max is a magical manticore-like creature.
  • Despite their LEGO description saying they put on spectacular shows, in the TV Show, their shows are embarrassing and horrible. However, they seem to be very unintentionally humorous.
  • So far, Vulk is the only Mixel who likes their shows as seen in Mixed Up Special.
  • A false rumor went around before their release that they had star or moon patterns on their bodies in some way.
  • They are the fifth tribe to appear in the Series 3 intro.
  • So far, none of the members have been referred to by their names in the cartoon. However, they are the only Series 3 tribe to have been referred to by tribe name in the cartoon.
  • They are the first tribe to have more than one member with a tail.
  • They are the first purple tribe; the second being the Food Tribe.
  • Their colour scheme is similar to that of the Munchos.
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