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Wolf is one of the main characters of Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series (which takes place 6000 years ago in prehistoric Europe during the Stone Age).


Wolf first appears in Wolf Brother as a cub whose family has died in a flood. Torak finds him shortly after his father has been killed by the demon bear. While the boy initially intends to kill and eat the cub, he's unable to do it. The cub takes a liking to "Tall Tailless" who can communicate with wolves, becoming not only his "pack-brother", but also his guide for the Mountain of the World Spirit. They also meet Renn whom Wolf dislikes initially, but accepts her in the later books as his "pack-sister". At the end of the book, he goes to live with the Mountain's wolf pack after the demon bear is destroyed due to being Torak's "heart's blood" he needs to sacrifice to the Mountain.

In the second book, the now adult Wolf leaves the Mountain's pack to join Torak. In the third book, he's captured by the Soul Eaters as a sacrifice, with Thiazzi stepping on his tail tip so hard that the unattended tip is affected by necrosis, forcing Torak and Renn to cut it off when they rescue him. In the fourth book, he has the chance to rejoin the Mountain's pack, but he decides that his fate is to help "Tall Tailless" in his fight against evil. In the fifth book, he's confused by his pack-brother's desire for revenge against Thiazzi and is forced to finally face the truth that Torak is not a real wolf, but he still stays loyal to him. After he is sought out by a female wolf called Darkfur from the Mountain's pack, they become mates and have three cubs. In the last book, Wolf helps Torak in bringing down the last of the Soul Eaters and directing his souls back to his body after he dies. At the end of the book, Wolf sets out with Torak, Renn, Darkfur, their last surviving cub and the ravens Rip and Rek to wander the Forest.


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