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I was 13. I thought it was a dream. I just lost control.
~ Rahne.

Rahne Sinclair, also known as Wolfsbane, is one of the five main protagonists of The New Mutants.

She is a Scottish mutant with the ability to, partially or completely, transform into a werewolf.

In her human form, Rahne is portrayed by Maisie Williams, who also portrays Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. In her wolf form, she is portrayed by Chuck, who also portrays Alpha in the 2018 film of the same name.


Rahne grew up in a religious Scottish village. She manifested her powers at thirteen when she was running in the woods. She later showed her powers to Craig Sinclair, the local priest. But he condemned her as a witch and said she was going to hell. Craig attacked her and branded her with a W on her back. Rahne later found herself in an institution for mutants run by Cecilia Reyes.

Rahne tells the others how she developed her powers in Reyes's group therapy session with Roberto da Costa, Illyana Rasputin, Samuel Guthrie, and Danielle Moonstar. Rahne befriends Dani not long after her revival. She also saves her from falling off of the clock tower. Rahne and Dani bond romantically.

After Dani's arrival, Rahne and the others experienced horrifying visions of their pasts. Dani is unable to control her powers, which causes the fears of others to manifest into illusions. Rahne sees an illusion of Reverend Craig, who brands her neck with a W. Reyes confronts Dani, believing that she is the problem. She traps everyone in force fields and attempts to kill Dani with euthanizing drugs. However, Rahne arrives to the rescue and wounds Reyes. Reyes is then killed by a manifestation of the Demon Bear, who eats her. Rahne is present with the others at the final battle when they fight the Demon Bear. Dani tames the Demon Bear and gains control of her powers. Rahne then ventures out into the world with Dani and the others, who are now able to escape from Reyes's hospital.


Especially around Dani, Rahne is caring and will risk her life to protect her at all costs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Lycanthropy: Rahne has the ability to transform into a wolf, though she is not restricted to the limitations of a creature of the night. She can also transform into a transitional, wolf-human stage at will, without any effect of the full moon or silver-based items. She can also retain her full human memory, and still has her human consciousness while in both her wolf and transitional forms. These enhanced abilities include:
    • Shapeshifting: Wolfsbane can transform into either a full wolf or humanoid wolf at will.
    • Enhanced Senses: Even when not shifted, Rahne's senses are elevated so that she can see and hear as well as her wolf form.
    • Sharp Teeth & Claws: Rahne possesses razor-sharp teeth which grant her an incredibly lethal bite and razor-sharp claws which are sufficient to rend most substances.
    • Enhanced Speed: In her full wolf form, Wolfsbane is capable of terrific speed which makes her swifter.
    • Enhanced Strength: Rahne experiences a dramatic increase in physical strength than that of a normal human.
    • Enhanced Agility: Rahne is extremely lithe as her muscles and skeleton are extraordinarily flexible, giving her the agility of an animal.


  • It is confirmed that Rahne and Danielle Moonstar are in a romantic relationship, making them the second set of LGBTQ+ characters to appear in the X-Men film franchise.


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