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Summer Jones (a.k.a "Wonder") is a superhero that appeared in the 2006 film Zoom. She's a member of the New Zenith Team and girlfriend of her teammate Dylan West.

She is portrayed by Kate Mara.

Zoom (2006)

Her first appearance in the film was in her school at the canteen she was preparing to choose a lunch the cheerleaders were mocking her so she got angry and used her powers to stain their unifroms. During the auditions she showed her powers and got accepted in The New Team Zenith. While meeting her teammates she didn't fell for Dylan's flirting. She was having fun when she was flying with the spaceship and torturing Dr. Grand. During the training she fell in love in Dylan. She got help from Marsha to get prepare for the party and after the party she and her teammates escape themselves and Jack.

Powers & Abilities

  • Psychic Powers: As given the her hero name wonder, her psychic powers are surprisingly amazing for she can use her mind to manipulate telekinetic force of energy as well as sense other subjects emotions.
  • Telekinesis: Summer can control, shape, and manipulate objects or subjects through telekinesis, as she was able to cause food in the cafeteria to explode, send a piece of glass to the opposite direction thrown at her, and make a bunch of skittles form as a smiley face with her mind or hand gestures.
  • Empathic Senses: She also claims to possess empathic powers as she told other people of how she could see the things they were feeling, even sensed Dylan while he was invisible, including being able to know the emotions of mechanical beings like Mr. Pibb.