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Wonder Dog is a fictional canine superhero from the original Super Friends television series. The character appeared in both the animated series, as well as the comic book of the same name, but was not incorporated into the DC Universe until 2008.

Super Friends

In the Super Friends animated series, Wonder Dog is portrayed as the pet/sidekick of Wendy and Marvin. He appears in all 16 episodes of the original television series. This version of Wonder Dog also appeared in the first six issues of the Super Friends comic book series.

Justice League Unlimited

In the Justice League Unlimited episode, "Ultimatum", a team of superheroes created by Cadmus is featured and are a nod to the Super Friends. While investigating, the Ultimen spot a huge, hulking beast that throws itself against the bars of its cage. Dwayne McDuffie later confirms that the beast is a reference to Wonder Dog.

The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins

Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog appear in the episode "Be Kind, Rewind" of the Adult Swim series The New Adventures of the Wonder Twins. In that episode, they are seen in a video store that the Wonder Twins are hanging out in. Wendy and Wonder Dog's appearance is quite brief, but Marvin has a fairly significant role in the episode. Apparently he put on a little weight since the Super Friends series, and grew a beard. Marvin tells the Wonder Twins that he has no hard feelings about them getting him fired from the Super Friends, because now he and his band are signed to a major label.

Teen Titans comics

Wonder Dog makes his first appearance in the mainstream DC Universe in Teen Titans.[1] He appears to be just a stray dog that finds his way to Titans Tower, and is named Wonder Dog by Miss Martian. Wonder Dog soon transforms into a gigantic dog beast, kills Marvin and viciously attacks Wendy, leaving her paralyzed.[2] Wonder Dog was a hellhound used by Ares' son, King Lycus, whose goal is to destroy Wonder Girl. With every innocent death, Wonder Dog grows stronger; the Titans soon destroy him.

The Lego Batman Movie

Wonder Dog makes a cameo in the Lego Batman Movie as the D.J. at the Justice League's party.