Wonderbot is a sentient invention with a nervous disposition that does not have a speaking part and uses body language, and different pitched noises to communicate.

Wonderbot was designed by Rodney to help complete the task of cleaning dishes for Rodney's father, Herb Copperbottom. However, the Wonderbot was frightened by Herb Copperbottom's boss, who was then dirtied as a result of being startled by the Wonderbot, fired Rodney from his job as a server at the restaurant. Thereafter Rodney traveled to Robot City, where he intended to sell the Wonderbot to Bigweld. There, Wonderbot was discarded by Ratchet and later discovered by Piper Pinwheeler. He later became instrumental in several incidents, such as pointing out possible opportunities to meet the absent Bigweld and his duel with the evil Madame Gasket. In the film's final scene, he is shown throwing Bigweld Industries' obnoxious gatekeeper Tim out of the audience's field of vision.

Wonderbot possesses three long, wire-like limbs that he uses variously as hands or as means of creating pictures for visual communication. And Is Voiced By Chris Wedge, founder of Blue Sky and also well known for voicing Scrat

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