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Woody is a recurring supporting character in the Mario Party series. He is a friendly talking tree that debuted in Mario Party 2.


Mario Party 2

Woody can be found in Mini-game Park where he will sell the player mini-games for coins they have gathered from boards and mini-games they've played. The types of mini-games for sale are represented as different colored fruits: yellow fruits are free-for-all, red ones are 1 vs. 3, and pink ones are 2-on-2. If certain requirements are met, Item and Battle mini-games will also become available to buy. Woody will even make an additional mini-game called "Driver's Ed" available to play if the player can complete all the challenges given by other talking trees found in Mini-game Park.

Mario Party 3

Woody returns and appears on his own board called "Woody Woods". Characters can interact with Woody if they land on the Happening Spaces (also know as Event Spaces) that are laid out in front of him. He will offer the characters fruit that will either give them coins or another roll of the dice. He also has more mischievous counterpart named Warukio that can cause misfortune to characters he meets on the board. Besides Woody's presences in Woody Woods, he is also featured in the mini-game "Picking Panic".

Mario Party 6

Woody's design has been slightly altered in this game. His bark is now a brighter color and he has a branch stub in the middle of his face, resembling a nose. Woody is found on the board "Towering Treetop" where he will give all characters additional coins if one lands on the Event Space in front of him. During the boards night phase, he is replaced by Warukio, who will take coins away from all characters instead.

Mario Party Superstars

Woody reappears on the board Woody Woods with Warukio. Both trees resume the roles they had in Mario Party 3 and Woody's design has been reverted to its original appearance. Oddly, neither Woody or Warukio are directly called by name, and are instead referred to as "The Nice Tree" and "The Naughty Tree". Also neither tree has a encyclopaedia entry for the book found in the Data House.


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