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I like to blow things up because I like to blow things up!
~ Wrecker.

Wrecker is a minor character in the 2008-2020 animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and is one of the three tritagonists (alongside Tech and Echo) of the 2021 Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch .

A genetically defective clone of Jango Fett, Wrecker served as a demolitions expert of Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch.

Wrecker is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voices every other clone trooper, Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb, Appa and Momo in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Naga in The Legend of Korra.

Skills & Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Due to his genetic mutation, Wrecker possesses strength both superior to classic trooper clones and most sentient life forms. He was able to lift a wrecked ship, push three linked Separatist tanks off a cliff with some effort and rivaled in physical power with a teenage rancor.
  • Peak Physical Condition: Wrecker possesses good endurance and physical strength as evidenced by his experience in warfare. Although high, his durability is not matched to his physical strength, having been knocked unconscious by being punched against a wall by Fennec Shand while charging at her and that he was wearing his battle armor.
  • Military Training: Trained since his creation, Wrecker is an expert in close quarters combat, a skilled shooter and an unsuspected master in demining. However, he suffers from shortcomings in strategy and stealth.


The Clone Wars

Called in as reinforcements on Anaxes by Cody after having mastered an insurgency on Yalbec, the Bad Batch made a shattering entry into the base of operations where they are greeted by Cody, Rex, Jesse and Kix. As they made their way to the Cyber ​​Center, slight tension between the Bad Batch and the standard clones they nicknamed 'Regs' began until Cody recalled the importance of the mission. Their transport is subsequently shot down in midair by the Separatist Droids. The Bad Batch then proceeds to take out enemy forces on the spot using their unorthodox method before Wrecker rescues an injured Cody stuck under an Assault Gunship with superhuman strength. After nightfall, a new argument breaks out when Crosshair challenges Rex's authority due to Cody's condition, causing Wrecker to grab Jesse by the neck when he stands up against Crosshair. Hunter quickly ordered the Colossus to put Jesse down while reminding his comrades that they are all on the same side. The next day, the clones managed to take control of the Cyber ​​Center thanks to teamwork mainly using the Bad Batch method.

Rex later launched a rescue mission to Skako Minor accompanied by General Anakin Skywalker and the Bad Batch in hopes of finding the Arc trooper Echo believed to have died years earlier after information from Cyber ​​Center was hinted at. Echo could be the famous Separatist Algorithm. Once on Skako Minor, they have a brief altercation with the Poletecs until these natives point out to them the Techno Union base in Purkoll. On a mountainous vantage point, Wrecker stops Rex from hitting Crosshair further when the latter admits that he intentionally left Echo for dead, telling him to go after someone not his size before Anakin. their argument ends. The group then entered Purkoll, confronting the D1 Battle Droids as they progressed. Arrived in the Algorithm room, Echo was rescued and Wrecker proceeded to detonate Wat Tambor's machines.

After escaping from the planet, the group joined the rest of the Republican forces on Anaxes to prepare a new attack against the separatists now deprived of their Algorithm and with the help of Echo who was able to keep several enemy plans, although the Bad Batch has remained suspicious of him since the former Arc Trooper spent years under the control of the separatists. While Windu and Kenobi take care of the ground forces, Anakin, Rex and the Bad Batch infiltrate Admiral Trench's ship where they manage to retrieve the deactivation code for the bombs Trench to plant on Anaxes, also resulting in the death of Trench. While fleeing, Anakin left Wrecker with the great pleasure of blowing up all of Trench's remaining fleet.

After the mission's success, the Bad Batch not only gave up on Echo but also found that he was not that different from them now, offering him a place among them. Encouraged by Rex, Echo joins the squad of clones and before leaving each member of the team respectfully greets Rex.

The Bad Batch

Sent to Kaller to lend a hand to Jedi General Depa Billapa, the Bad Batch meets Billapa's padawan, Caleb Dume and follows him to the ongoing battle. With their unorthodox tactics, they manage to rout the battle droid squadron, Wrecker knocking the tanks off a cliff in the process. After sympathizing with Billapa, the Bad Batch sets out with Caleb to finish off the remaining droids until they witness to their shock the death of Billapa by his own clones. Caleb flees into the forest, Tech reveals that the radio repeats repeatedly to execute Order 66, something Wrecker has also heard but has no idea what it means. Tasked by Hunter to prevent other clones from pursuing Caleb, Wrecker tells three troopers that Hunter is dealing with him but one retorts that their orders come from the Supreme Chancellor himself. Not giving a damn about Palpatine, Wrecker repeats his previous sentence, only for the clones to bypass him, forcing him to warn Hunter.

The Bad Batch later returns to Kamino where they subsequently witness Palpatine's announcement that the Republic is now the Galactic Empire. After that, they meet Omega, Nala Se's medical assistant who admires Bad Batch to the point of provoking a clone soldier daring disrespect them. Intrigued by the group of deviant clones, Admiral Tarkin gives them an aptitude test to assess their strength. Wrecker is outraged that the test included live shots including one that hit him. Tarkin then comes or even the Bad Batch to entrust them with the mission of eliminating the separatist insurgents on Onderon.

There, they discover with dismay that his insurgents are made up of former soldiers of the republic, civilians and children guided by Saw Gerrera refusing imperial domination. Gerrera suggests that the clones choose between adapting and surviving or dying with the past before leaving. Returning to the ship, Wrecker witnesses the argument between Hunter and a Crosshair who became partially loyal to the empire following Order 66 until Hunter destroys a probe droid sent by Tarkin for spies. Following the revelation that Omega is also a deviant clone, the Bad Batch decides to go looking for her.

Unfortunately, they are captured on their return to Kamino and accused of treason by Tarkin then placed in detention where they find Omega there. With Crosshair brought to Tarkin, Wrecker follows Tech's advice to smash down the ventilation access panel, allowing Omega to slip in and deactivate their cell once on the other side. The Bad Batch then retrieves their material in the hangar but we are unpleasantly surprised to find themselves confronted with shock troopers led by a Crosshair totally submitted to the empire after Tarkin is amplified his inhibitor chip. Wrecker is quickly shot in the chest by his former comrade but the Bad Batch still manages to escape Kamino, becoming fugitives to the Empire.


Wrecker was loud and brash, and prone to expressing his opinions in a very palpable manner. He had a deep passion for explosions and destroying enemy material, particularly battle droids, with his bare hands. His only major weakness was his fear of extreme heights. Despite having difficulties when working with regular clones, Wrecker and his squad came to respect Captain Rex, even saluting the clone trooper officer after the Battle of Anaxes. Wrecker often expressed unintelligence or a lack of understanding of many subjects; he was also childish at times.

When he succumbed to his inhibitor chip, Wrecker became a totally empire, cold, and ruthless version of himself. He tried to kill all his comrades for not respecting Order 66, he understood Omega for conspiracy. When the girl tried to reason with him by reminding him that she is his friend, Wrecker remained indifferent and quoted "Good Solider Follow Orders".

After removing his chip, Wrecker became himself again but he blamed himself for almost hurting Omega but she forgave him because she knew it wasn't his fault.



  • Wrecker gets shot three times during Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The first time by a training droid, the second by Crosshair, and the third time by the security droids at the Corellia Disassembly Factory.


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