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Wu Kong is a minor protagonist in the game Dragalia Lost who serves as a major supporting character in the "Echoes of Antiquity" raid event, and the main protagonist of its sequel raid event "Timeworn Torrent". He is based off of the monkey king Sun Wukong.


Wu Kong is a young boy with mossy green hair and baggy white pants. he wears a vest that is red on one side and white on the left.

During his earlier days of training, Wu Kong wore green pants and half of his vest was orange instead of red.

He dons the Jin Gu Er around his head. During his early days, he couldn't control it, turning him into Qitian Dasheng. However, he has since managed to handle the relic and wears it to help out in fights.


A cheeky, fresh-faced sealer who left his master Xuan Zang's side in order to train under another. His talents are such that he was named the first human Sealer, but he still gets easily carried away, and must be cautioned by his master.


Echoes of Antiquity

Wu Kong was a sealer in training, being mentored by a master sealer named Xuan Zang. During their travels, they run into a group of people lead by Prince Euden. The two explain that they are tracking down a relic called the Jin Gu Er. The Party opts to help them out and the go and find the relic together.

After being rejected and scolded, Wu Kong wonders how he can prove to his master he is ready to further his lessons. Then he gets the idea to try using a Qilin relic to prove his progress and puts the Jin Gu Er on his head. At first, he appears to handle it just fine. However, he is soon corrupted and possessed by the relic as he turns into a fiend by the name of Qitian Dasheng. The Party fights the fiend until Xuan Zang uses her powers to turn him back into Wu Kong and remove the Jin Gu Er from his head.

Ashamed of the trouble he caused, he apologizes and prepares for a scolding from Xuan Zang. However, she expresses that she feels responsible for him making such a dangerous choice and that she should be apologizing to Wu Kong, which Ranzal points out is a lot worse than a scolding. Unknown to the party and even Wu Kong himself, the influence of the Jin Gu Er hadn't completely left him is he is controlled into putting it back on again. He desperately asks the party to save him as he turns back into Qitian Dasheng.

Xuan Zang starts to believe the only way to stop this is to outright kill Wu Kong, but the party convinces her not to give up on him. After multiple fights, the party eventually manages to remove all influence from Wu Kong and allow him to continue his training with Xuan Zang all while he has to undergo a serious punishment for such a reckless behavior.

Xuan Zang Adventurer Story

While hunting down Qilin Relics, Xuan Zang and Wu Kong arrive at the Halidom. After witnessing the Dyrenell Empire assaulting innocent people, Xuan Zang decides to step in and help the Halidom regardless of the Qilin code forbidding interference, much to Wu Kong's approval.

While there, Wu Kong continues to undergo his training to become a sealer. Seeing how far he is progressing, Wu Kong expresses excitement over becoming as good as Xuan Zang. These words, however, worry her into thinking that Wu Kong will only aim to reach her level and decides it is best for him to get a new trainer. What she doesn't expect is when she goes to confront him about it, he has the same thoughts. With the two in agreement, Xuan Zang remains at the Halidom while Wu Kong leaves to further his training to become a full-fledged sealer.

Timeworn Torrent

Upon finally achieving his goal of becoming an official sealer, Wu Kong returns to the Halidom to show Xuan Zang his progress. Along with that, he was also sent to deal with a fiend sealed within the Jin Gu Er by the name of Mei Hou Wang. Remembering what happened to Wu Kong during the previous event regarding the Jin Gu Er, the Halidom party agree to help him out. They make their way to where the Jin Gu Er was sealed to find a man being attacked by fiends.

Upon saving him, the man reveals himself to be Mei Hou Wang. However, they are quick to find out he has no memories, so they take the Jin Gu Er and Mei Hou Wang with them. During the travel, Wu Kong starts to bond with Mei Hou Wang, and he ponders why somebody as nice as him would be sealed up within a Qilin relic. Soon enough, the party is ambushed by Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing who have been tasked by Xuan Zang to take Mei Hou Wang out. However, After Mei Hou Wang alerts them of a fiend behind them, even they wonder if he is as evil as he was made out to be. Shortly enough, Xuan Zang arrives and tells them all that the fiends they have been fighting were created by Mei Hou Wang, who has no control over it.

With Xuan Zang determined to seal Mei Hou Wang back intro the Jin Gu Er, Wu Kong breaks the relic in an effort to save his new friend. However, the action also releases Mei Hou Wang's memories, causing him to attack the party declaring his hatred for humanity. With this, the party fights Mei Hou Wang until Xuan Zang fixes the Jin Gu Er and seals him away.

After that, Wu Kong asks Xuan Zang why Mei Hou Wang hated humanity. There, he finds out how Mei Hou Wang he trouble controlling his powers, and humans began to fear him, including ones who once cares for him. It is then that Wu Kong remembered that he heard Mei Hou Wang's voice before when he was being controlled by the Jin Gu Er. With this revelation, Wu King talks to Xuan Zang about a method of redemption, which Xuan Zang agrees to help him with. The return to where the Jin Gu Er was placed to find Mei Hou Wang having been released by Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing who had the same idea as them. With Mei Hou Wang free once again, Wu Kong confronts the fiend while donning the Jin Gu Er on his head once again. It is then that Wu Kong declares his intent on saving Mei Hou Wang from his own hatred.

After Mei Hou Wang calms down, he expresses his desire to live within the world. Wu Kong assures him that he can while apologizing for allowing him to be sealed away earlier. The two reconcile, and Mei Hou Wang willingly returns to the Jin Gu Er with the promise that he and Wu Kong will travel the world together. While unable to speak to Mei Hou Wang through the Jin Gu Er, Wu Kong is certain that he will be able to eventually with enough training and knows that Mei Hou Wang is with him.


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