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Wulf: Libera? (Free?)

Danny: Jes, libera, mio amiko. (Yes, free, my friend.)
Wulf: Amiko! (Friend!)

~ Wulf and Danny Phantom

Wulf is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon series Danny Phantom. He is a large werewolf ghost with retractable claws that have the rare ability to tear holes between Earth and the Ghost Zone and has the ability to expel ghost out of people (like Danny). He was a prisoner in Walker's jail and was detained with a special shock collar until set free by Danny. He also only speaks Esperanto, which at first only Tucker understands, though Sam and Danny later learn it. Like any other wolf, he is very sociable and enjoys the company of friends.

Wulf resembles a large, muscular anthropomorphic wolf or werewolf. Wulf wears a worn green sweatshirt, with a hood that he usually keeps down, and worn green pants. But even though he's smarter than an animal, he still follows his instincts like any other animal (almost all the time) and he's not smart enough not to put his tongue in the ice

He makes several appearances which he helps Danny defeat the evil jailer Walker and getting his freedom. He later helps Danny (along with Dani and Frostbite) to save the Earth by turning it intangible so the Disastroid can past right through it.


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