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XY Wulfric
Wulfric (Japanese: ウルップ Urup) is the Gym Leader of Snowbelle City's Gym, known officially as the Snowbelle Gym. He specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. He gives the Iceberg Badge to Trainers who defeat him.




In the games

Wulfric appears in Pokémon X and Y as a Gym Leader. Trainers who defeat Wulfric will receive the Iceberg Badge, along with TM13 (Ice Beam). He is said not just to be a strong Gym Leader but also very kind to Pokémon, which is why Pokémon, such as those in Pokémon Village, admire him.[1]

Initially, Wulfric is not at the Snowbelle Gym, instead being said to be at the Winding Woods. Indeed, Wulfric is found at the Pokémon Village, a location west of the woods, where he explains the place to the player. From there, he goes back to his gym, which is now able to be challenged.

According to the television show Gym Freaks, Wulfric is a fan of the Brycen-Man Series, to the point of crying when watching the latest movie. He is also rumored to keep a photo of his dearest Pokémon in the locket he wears around his neck.


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