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What are you waiting for? GO!
Yee-haw! Wyatt-style, baby!
~ Wyatt's catchphrase.

Wyatt was raised in the swamps of Louisiana. That explains why he is the best at off-roading, tearing it up in his yellow Baja Truck! It also explains his fondness for the whole “mud-splattered” look he has going on.


Brandon was seen taking several pictures of Wyatt as he was posting for.


Wyatt is the driver of his Baja Truck a.k.a. Jump Truck by Wyatt himself, that is until it was destroyed by the Road Pirates and currently drives the Land Crusher. He can sometimes be egotistical as he likes to drive around his truck, even though his tomfoolery sometimes leads to the destruction of property. He sometimes even breaks into arguments with Gage in the first movie about the events. He is shown to have a soft spot to his grandmother, "Candy-Gram."


Wyatt has long black hair, wears a yellow hat with a Team Hot Wheels symbol, and wears a gray shirt with yellow bracelets. While driving in his vehicle, he wears a yellow suit and helmet.


Wyatt drives a canary-yellow Baja Truck a.k.a. Jump Truck Wyatt named himself, his's Truck can jump on the top on one building to another.

Car speed: "Jump Truck is ready to bounce"


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