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It's not real scientific, but I heard an ordinary name like Caroline can lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person.
~ Wybie getting Coraline's name wrong.

Wyborn "Wybie" Lovat is the tritagonist of the 2009 Laika movie, Coraline. He is the neighbor and acquaintance-turned-friend of Coraline Jones.

He was voiced by Robert Bailey Jr.


Wybie Lovat plays a large role in the film adaptation such as: helping Coraline, both the real and in the form of Other Wybie. He is regularly insulted by Coraline because of their first encounter when Wybie startled and knocked Coraline down when she was exploring, trying to find an old well. He is also the first one who warns Coraline about the Pink Palace.

The next day, Wybie leaves Coraline a little doll that resembles her, on the front porch. He claims that he found it in his grandmother's trunk; it is later revealed to be the eyes and ears that the beldam uses to spy on Coraline. On their second encounter, Wybie once again indicates something bad about the Pink Palace, mentioning his grandmother's missing twin sister who disappeared a long time ago. However, he assumes that his great-aunt simply ran away.

Mrs. Lovat, discovering the doll gone and with Coraline, forces Wybie to ask Coraline for the doll back. While searching for the doll, she tells Wybie about the other world and about the Beldam. However, Wybie is skeptical of Coraline's story and later calls her crazy before running out of the Coraline's apartment.

After Coraline's fourth visit to the other world, she locks the door and takes out the key to throw it into the old well. Wybie helps her when she is attacked by the Beldam's severed hand. He saves her by grabbing the hand with a pair of tongs, but it breaks free, causing him to almost fall into the well. The hand tries to loosen Wybie's grip for survival, but Coraline wraps it in her towel, but it breaks free and it is about to attack her when Wybie climbs out of the well and smashes it with a rock. They throw the remains of the hand, the key, and the rock into the well and seal it shut. At the end of the movie he and Coraline explain to his grandmother what happened to her missing sister.


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