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X-PO is a character from the video game Lego Dimensions. He is considered the guide in LEGO Dimensions. He was not introduced to the main three characters Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf until after the level "Painting the Town Black". Although he was helping the trio as a disembodied named "Gateway" during the levels before, the trio did not know about him. But before he helped the trio in stopping Lord Vortech, X-PO helped Vortech himself in finding Foundation Prime but was banished to another dimension as Lord Vortech mentioned that he was of no use to him anymore in the prologue cutscene.


X-PO used to accompany Lord Vortech to Foundation Prime, however, he was destroyed when Lord Vortech no longer needed him. He was seen again when the player came along.

It is later revealed that when Vortech banished X-Po to Vorton World, he was uncertain which world X-PO was banished to.

Upon completing the level Once Upon A Time Machine in the West, and all the keystones for the Gateway have been collected, Gandalf notices several parts of the Gateway moving and hits them with his staff, causing Batman to scold him for breaking the Gateway, until Wlydstyle realises the Gateway is still working perfectly, making Batman wonder what the extra pieces are for. The Player must take off some pieces from the LEGO Gateway (physical) and build a model of X-PO. He then enlists the player to gather all of the Foundation Elements before Lord Vortech.


  • He is voiced by Joel McHale.
  • His name is short for Experimental Portal Operator.
  • Given his role in the game, X-PO's name could be a play on the word 'Exposition' meaning to reveal information on subjects encountered in narratives.
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