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Hang on! Pedal to the metal!
~ XLR8 to Gwen before running off to find Max.

XLR8 is one of Ben Tennyson's forms from the first Ben 10 series. His best known superpower (as Ben Tennyson's suggested name proclaims) is super speed.

He is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kineceleran from the planet Kinet.

He is voiced by Jim Ward in the original series, Yuri Lowenthal in Omniverse.


XLR8 is a blue velociraptor-like alien, He wears a black helmet with a blue visor, He has round black wheels attach to ease feet with two toes, He has three black scissor-like claws, He can has pointy elbows, He has noseless face with green eyes and a mouth with black lips, He also has a blue tail with black stripes.

In Ben 10: Omniverse, his design changes for both Bens, 11-year old Ben as XLR8 remain the same with his whole neck is white and his tail has only 3 blue stripes.

16-year old XLR8 is taller, 4 blue stripes, green on the Omnitrix symbol and green stripe on his suit. Also, he is muscular and sound similar to 16-year old Ben.


When Ben is XLR8, it's more of a speedster persona. Confident, clever, hyperactive and impatient, always rushing in and keeps moving around at high speed. Also, tend to be mischievous.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed: While many of Ben's aliens have enhanced speed, XLR8 is Ben's primary 'speedster' alien and has demonstrated multiple uses with this power.
    • Water Running: XLR8 can freely run on water while carrying several people.
    • Wall Running: XLR8 can easily run up walls to dodge attacks.
    • Vortex Creation: XLR8's main use for his speed is using it to create vortexes which can lift people into the air. The most extreme example of this happening was when he created a vortex so powerful it tripped a mutant To'kustar.
    • Time Slow: XLR8 can move so fast that he appears to have a much slower perception of time than most species, to the point where time appears to have completely stopped. While moving at these speeds, he is completely unnoticeable to the naked eye and was able to interfere with a baseball game while only being caught in one frame of a video moving at "super super super slow motion".
    • Enhanced Reflexes: XLR8 was able to dodge a point-blank energy blast.
    • Enhanced Agility: XLR8 was able to dodge lightning strikes while mid-air.
    • Fast Thinking: XLR8 was able to input all the possible combinations in Sevenseven's bomb to get it off Ben 23.
    • Healing Factor: XLR8's species can recover from injuries far faster than other species though this ability has yet to be demonstrated.
  • Enhanced Durability: XLR8 was able to tank an attack that destroyed part of Mount Rushmore.
  • Enhanced Stamina: XLR8's body can handle the stress of moving at high speeds for extended periods without getting tired.
  • Sharp Claws: XLR8's claws can tear through plant walls.
  • Prehensile Tail: XLR8 can use his tail to grab onto things though he rarely uses this ability.


XLR8's speed does not always work on all surfaces, like ice or strong adhesives, which can slow him down.

It was revealed in Rules Of Engagement that XLR8's tail could be held down to keep him in place.


Ben 10

He is the fourth alien to be used after Ben finds the Omnitrix.

In The Big Tick, Ben transform into XLR8 to use his sharp claws to piece the Great One's shell, but with no effect.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

XLR8 makes cameo appearance in the intro of the show and in the episode Ben 10,000 Returns, His powers were used by Ben 10,000. XLR8 also appears as a hologram. At the end of the episode, XLR8 was unlocked by Ben 10,000.

16 year old Ben only used XLR8 in the crossover special for Ben 10 & Generator Rex: Heroes United. He was used to save Dr.Holiday from falling out of Alpha's hand. XLR8 also have no speaking role.

Ben 10: Omniverse



  • At super-speed, he leaves a blue/black line-like trail when running. Similar to Flash's super-speed trail.
  • XLR8 is short for Accelerate.
  • XLR8 was replaced by Fasttrack in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. However, he returns as Ben's main speedster in Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • XLR8 has been used 72 times in the Ben 10 franchise which makes him one of the most used aliens.


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