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Xander Crews, whose alternate identity is the superhero Awesome X, is the 33-year-old billionaire owner of Crews Enterprises. He is one of the main characters in Frisky Dingo.


Xander is the multi-billionaire heir to the conglomerate Crews Enterprises, whose secret identity as the superhero Awesome X is in danger of being retired when he and his army of mooks, the Xtacles, defeat every super-villain in town. In Season 2, Xander is homeless and the founder of an outreach centre as a result of Killface (apparently) losing his entire fortune. He too runs for presidency when he hears that Xander is running.


Xander is an sophisticated man who wears a tuxedo. He also has slick black hair and blue eyes. As Awesome X, he dons a dark brown spandex with the giant X on his chest. He also has black linings.


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