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I'm Xandir. I'm on a never-ending quest to save my girlfriend!
~ Xandir catchphrases

Xandir is one of the housemates from Drawn Together.

With the premise of the show being toons from all across media are gathered together as part of a publicity stunt, Xandir was the quintessential video-game character. As Xandir the show's all-purpose video-game toon, Xandir is modeled mostly after Link, from the Zelda series, down to the effeminate persona.

Shortly into the show (in one of his housemates' few universally supporting endeavors), the household helps Xandir realize he is gay and come out of the closet, first to himself, then to his girlfriend, and later to his parents. Xandir, along with Foxxy Love, is one of the show's only constant heroes, as most of their housemates are highly amoral and immoral.

Primarily, Xandir is supportive of his housemates, though he often is used as a doormat for his efforts.

He was voiced by Jack Plotnick.