Xianweng Ni

Xianweng Ni, also known as Wong, is one of the supporting characters in Shenmue 2.


Wong is one of the many members of the Heavens gang in Aberdeen. While he's a known pickpocket that engages in petty sins by trickery with them, the residents of Aberdeen still see him as good kid at heart, and he never forgets to return a favor. When he causes trouble for Ryo early on in the second game, but soon after Ryo chases him down, Wong proves to be a great help, resourceful ally and a loyal friend. He idolizes Ren and wants to be just like him when he grows up.

By that onwards, Wong arriving in Kowloon, Ryo and Ren get handcuffed together and eventually end up back at Ren's hideout. Wong is comes to pick the lock since he is good at lock picking. Before he does it he asks Ren to promise to bring Ryo back to Wan Chai. Ren accepts but lies. But later on, Wong has follows Ren and Ryo to the basement of the Yellow Head Building. Wong unlocks a door and tells Ryo that Zhu is being held captive on the 17th floor and gives him a map. Wong stays in the basement.

Wong is soon found by a evil bigger giant called Dou Niu and is almost dropped to his death on the roof. However, Ryo saves Wong from Dou Niu. Upon hearing he needs to leave for Guilin, Ryo parts ways with Wong and Joy.


Although Wong doesn't seem very friendly, he shows care and affection for Ryo as the story progresses, to the point where he saves him in Kowloon, it's presumed he takes Ryo as his big brother.


  • His blood type is B.


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