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Xin Xianying (Chinese: 辛憲英) is a supporting character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. She is a noblewoman from the Three Kingdoms era and the daughter of Xin Pi.


From the most versions of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms stories, portrayed Xin Xianying as a extremely wise woman. Xin Xianying was constantly helps her family in order to covered up their facts as she had makes all its lot of resolutions and coming studies as a teenager so inklings that her father, Xin Pi, had starting activating done to have intricated on political dialogues so by that served under the warlord, Cao Cao. Under that innocence by Cao Cao, Xin Xianying speaking with his father but changing on their all matters with abruptly. Her younger brother, Xin Chang, assent that is fine with could lauds her. An familiarly women from China who were also to be raring just likes civilians before Cao Cao invasion of Hanzhong.

She wanting to becomes anymore skillfulness as her father, which finishing to pledges with ascendent though hopes taking of advantages by all less hours upon Cao Cao risking his terrors. They both reaching to Xuchang had living together, Xin Xianying later collecting her fortunes then marriage of Yang Dan, the younger son of the Han officer, Yang Xu. She could making her brother to serving Cao Cao as one of his officers. Afterwards, Cao Cao had eventually died by falling ill, his son, Cao Pi, who is replacing his father to be dominates which worthy about that he is the first emperor of the kingdom of Cao Wei since subsequently overthrows Emperor Xian by using currently powers.

Upon turning some ways, Cao Pi attacking Guangling that actually to died and succeeded by his son, Cao Rui, which his becomes the second emperor of Wei with making her and all officers of Wei in be honour mourned him. After in years, while now preparing to attacking New Hefei Castle with each and following her father in trips, Xin Xianying forgetting her somethings takes all wishes to fights against Sun Quan, the famous emperor of Wu. As always which claming by victory to Wu, she helps her forces to setup a fire attacking into the Wu's besiege engine detection intractable as all the armies then failling on.

Man Chong, Wei trusting commander who leads his troops furrows in way to defeated Sun Quan nothing makes him picking to personal caused Wu forces all were being knocked down. However, Zhuge Liang, a prime minister of Shu Han, he have been sending women's clothes to Sima Yi, the prime minister of Cao Wei in an attempted to resorts to an offensive when the Wei armies were supposed to falls. Smoothly by really poised and sent a letter to incompetent emperor Cao Rui while asking for an assaults permissions. When Xin Pi must told her daughter at the table, Xin Xianying thought that Sima Yi has should not does determinations based on his anger; Xin Pi therefore advised the emperor never allowing the attacked by Shu.

Sima Yi was remained in her positions, and Zhuge Liang soon afterwards died. Upon Wei's coup d'état by hereafter on year, Xin Xianying convincing Sima Yi from had gives noble motions by into opposition to the minister, Cao Shuang in speed on cause at the point ever meantime inrushing to the Han capital Luoyang with seized the authority by all the forces although learned about that him served Cao Fang, who is the third emperor of Wei. Attained to Gaoping Tombs together with his lord, Cao Shuang tries to guiding his henchmen to confronting Sima Yi in help of reclaiming Luoyang, Xin Xianying responding her answers will exposing his plans of destruction of Wei before the Sima family were takes techniques in their launching ambushed Cao Shuang's forces singly.

She noticing that her brother is one of the trusted advisers of Cao Shuang, which overly loyal to him. Due to Cao Shuang's disloyalty to the emperor, Xin Xianying was asked by Xin Chang, which his following Cao Shuang's general, Lu Zhi in worked to battles with Wei forces. After Cao Shuang is surrendered by Sima Yi such also killed in meets his ended, Xin Xianying was enough by her loyalty towards the Sima family. Xin Xianying is also known as a counselor to her nephew Yang Hu, who has warned of the unhealthy ambition of Wei general Zhong Hui, for which then turned out to be correcting. Much like Wang Yuanji, she also looked at Zhong Hui with suspicion and confided to Yang Hu.

When her son, Yang Xiu was appointed as Zhong Hui's primary assistance, Xin Xianying began to worry. She begged him to remain loyal and kind during his duties. When Zhong Hui rebelled against the Sima family, her advice made him alive. A few years later, Xin Xianying had already passed away, which her family was very sad and even more properties had to be left behind.

Dynasty Warriors

When Xin Xianying intended to be courteous to her father, both of them should joins the Wei forces and engage in battle with the enemy forces in Chibi. Although by the way can tell her family to be perfect and satisfied, she turned out to hate her enemies yet by all means she would be lissome.

During the Battle of Wuzhang Plains, Xin Xianying could stopped these men from assaulting by the harassment of the Shu troops. Since the battle was finally won, Xin Xianying also meet her father for the last time after a while then expressing interference with the family and Wei kingdom.

Shortly after Xin Pi died of illness, she just lost her father but would have suggestions for tragedy but will believe in keeping the admiration of her family. In later on, Xin Xianying was ready to accompany several Wei troops to participate in most of the battles, as for agreeing to oppose Shu forces in Chengdu and Shu kingdom will be destroyed.


Xin Xianying is a good-hearted and caring woman who recognizes her ambitions. Somewhile she have agreed to these different positives, which is not a bit unusual for anyone else, just let them stick to it. Although Xin Xianying is very careful with her family, she is able to admit her determination and ensure her father's advice, even then it is easy to be praised.





  • She is a playable character in the Dynasty Warriors series.


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