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Xixi is a toucan who appears in All Hail King Julien.


Xixi is a very trustworthy Toucan in news (and according to King Julien also a very trusthworthy Toucan in friendship) who informs the lemur kingdom on current events. She covered King Julien's coronation party but fled when the party was raided by the Fossa. She appears in Poll Position which she reports that 99% of the kingdom thinks the new king is doing a good job. This report sets both episode plots in motion, namely King Julien attempting to locate and convert the hater while also allowing paranoid Clover to launch an investigation to find the hater and make sure he isn't trying to recruit more lemurs to his side to cause an uprising.

In Eat Prey Shove, Xixi goes on a vacation with Clover and Mort who were mandated to go by King Julien. Xixi enjoys her time on an island vacation while Clover has her nose in a book. Xixi wants to know what it's about and wants Clover to have fun. Xixi snatches the book and flies over the ocean, threatening to drop it. Clover agress to show her and reveals she is writing a fantasy novel involving a very muscular lemur. Xixi then parties hard and has fun with Mort, exclaiming "Spring Break!" Xixi plays a prank on Mort, playing dead. Mort is panicked at first but then Xixi reveals herself alive exclaiming "Spring Break!" Xixi and Mort realize they can't find Clover and arrive in front of King Julien, breaking the news. Xixi flies out the plane afterwards.