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Xuan Zang is a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. She serves as the welfare adventurer and main antagonist of the raid event "Echoes of Antiquity", and she serves as a major supporting character for its sequel "Timeworn Torment" where she is briefly presented as an antagonist before said event's real antagonist becomes active. She is the the teacher of Wu Kong as well as the first person to train him as a sealer.

She is based on Tang Sanzang from Journey to the West.


Xuan Zang has long black hair and turquoise eyes. she wears a pair of glasses and a blue and orange robe. she also has a white ribbon in her hair. Being a Qilin, Xuan Zang has a pair of horns.

In her radiant appearance, her horns are longer, and she trades out her blue and orange robe with a white one. She also replaces the white ribbon in her hair with an orange one.



A Qilin sealer on a journey to seal dangerous ancient relics. Though generally kind, her anger can be fearsome—something her student Wu Kong knows better than most.


A Qilin sealer who uses the power of the relic, Xihe, to manipulate light. Her kindness drove her to break the Sealer code and take an active role in the world at large. Her recent worry is her inability to let go of her pupil.


Echoes of Antiquity

Xuan Zang is tasked with ensuring a relic known as the Jin Gu Er is properly sealed. She makes sure to bring her pupil, Wu Kong, with her so that he can learn the responsibility of a sealer, along with her trusted dragon, Yulong. During their trip, they run into a group of adventurers led by Prince Euden. With the prince's help, they find the Jin Gu Er, and Xuan Zang uses her power to dispose of the fiends escaping from the Jin Gu Er. When Wu Kong gets reckless and attempts to take action against her directions, Xuan Zang scolds him.

While the party is sleeping, Wu Kong sneaks in and takes the Jin Gu Er in an effort to prove himself ready to further his training. However, the Jin Gu Er takes control of him and turns him into Qitian Dasheng. With the Halidom party's help, Xuan Zang subdues the fiend and reverts Wu Kong back to normal. Ashamed of the trouble he caused, Wu Kong expects Xuan Zang to scold him. Instead, Xuan Zang blames herself, telling him that she failed as his teacher and led him to perform such a reckless action.

However, the Jin Gu Er's influence wasn't completely gone from Wu Kong, and he is forced into putting it on again. Xuan Zang then believes the only way to set him free is to end his life, but the Halidom party tells her not to give up on him. With their help, she subdues Qitian Dasheng until the Jin Gu Er's influence was fully depleted from Wu Kong, allowing the two of them to depart from the party and continue their journey.

Adventurer Story

While on another mission, Xuan Zang arrives at the Halidom with Wu Kong by her side. They stay for a bit and hear about the party's fight with the Dyrenell empire. At first, Xuan Zang refuses to get involved as it goes against the Qilin code. However, after witnessing some innocent civilians get mercilessly slaughtered by Dyrenell soldiers, Xuan Zang decides she can't just watch idly and she decides to help the Halidom.

As she continues training Wu Kong, she hear him mention about becoming as good as her. Worrying that she is holding him back from growing further, Xuan Zang prepares to send him off to be trained by somebody else. What she doesn't expect is that Wu Kong had the same idea. With the two of them in agreement, along with Wu Kong telling Xuan Zang that she will always be his teacher, Wu Kong leaves to further his training while Xuan Zang remains at the Halidom to continue helping.

Eventually, Xuan Zang is visited by her own mentor, Fa Ming, who is appalled by her breaking the Qilin code. However, Xuan Zang chooses to continue helping while letting him know that she will give him an answer why when she has one. After the Halidom fails to fully save a village even with Xuan Zang's help, she declares that even Qilin have their weaknesses and that choosing to not get involved because of the code was Qilin pride holding her back. Accepting her response, Fa Ming leaves her to continue helping the Halidom party.

Timeworn Torment

While out on a mission, Xuan Zang finds out that Mei Hou Wang had escaped from the Jin Gu Er. Fearing the worst, she gets Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing to hunt the fiend down. However, she finds the two of them choosing to help Wu Kong in protecting Mei Hou Wang after said fiend saved them from a fiend. Because of this, Xuan Zang explains that Mei Hou Wang makes fiends uncontrollably and demands Wu Kong to stand aside so that she may seal him. However, Wu Kong instead breaks the Jin Gu Er in an attempt to keep Xuan Zang from sealing him away.

With Mei Hou Wang regaining his memories and power, Xuan Zang works on fixing the Jin Gu Er while the party fights him off. Upon fixing it, Xuan Zang seals Mei Hou Wang away. Afterward, she explains to Wu Kong the full story behind Mei Hou Wang. Upon seeing Wu Kong's resolve to redeem Mei Hou Wang, Xuan Zang allows him to confront the fiend. They return to the temple where the Jin Gu Er was kept to find Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing having released Mei Hou Wang with intent on helping Wu Kong patch things up. Wu Kong dons the Jin Gu Er once more as Xuan Zang explains to the party what Wu Kong is planning. However, Wu Kong's efforts alone aren't enough, and the party helps out by fighting Mei Hou Wang to quell his fury.


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