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Yae Niijima (新島八重) is a heroine of Yae no Sakura.


Aizu clan gunnery instructor Yamamoto house eldest daughter. In owner of physical strength enough to lift lightly rice bales, personality bohemian and Otokomasari. There is interest in Gunnery from an early age, even while being opposed to the father Gonpachi, stretched the skills received the initiation of the gun from his brother-Satoshi-ba, it becomes also involved in the development of the new style gun. There is also a recommendation of Satoshi-ba, it marries in Kawasaki Naoyuki assistant. And to enter a castle in dressed as a man in Tsuruga-jo Castle siege warfare, fighting in Spencer gun that was a gift from Satoshi-ba, was active. After Aizu clan surrendered, survived along with the samurai who wish to house arrest in Inawashiro is not fulfilled, huddled in Naito house of Yonezawa, is divorced and Naoyuki assistant during this time. You are summoned to Satoshi-ba, along with the family to move to Kyoto, it is to work as a teacher in the woman red field. Then, reunited with Naoyuki assistant in Tokyo, overlooking the back together is rejected, it has been after the Tokyo told to be waiting in Kyoto, NaoyukiSuke soon eliminated. In frustration, Niijima Jo and will be meeting engagement, was fired the woman red field in that it has engaged to Christian Jo. Jo and remarried after also involved in Doshisha management of his has occurred, I care for the sick also his last moment. After the death of Jo, and admission to Atsushi nursing women's society in the recommendation of Satoshi-ba. Strikes the nursing of wounded as a nurse in the Sino-Japanese War, the activity will be evaluated after the end of the war it becomes private women's first recipient of an order.


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Sakura 01
Sakura 02
八重の桜 - Yae no Sakura Ep 50
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