Light Cruiser Yahagi, reporting for duty. Let's work at it together to the end, Admiral
~ Yahagi

Yahagi (矢矧 ?) was an Agano-class cruiser which served with the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II.


Yahagi has long black hair tied into a ponytail with a red scrunchie and has a notable payot and red eyes. She and her sisters wear a sleeveless serafuku that exposes her midriff with a red pleated skirt, which vaguely implies the sort of miko outfits that the battleships wear. She wears a necktie, gloves, belt, and has asymmetrical legwear where the left leg has a single thighhigh stocking on a garter strap.

Her combat gear includes a bridge, smokestack, and mast worn in a backpack-like arrangement, with two swing arms carrying twin cannons on three turrets controlled by joysticks on their side. She has another turret on her right ankle, and a flight deck on her left leg, and wears armored boots.


She tends to speak in a serious tone, with militaristic terminology. (Which is strangely uncommon in a group of warships.) She has a line about enjoying Sasebo burgers (served at, and named after her hometown) as an uncharacteristic mundane side to her, however. While she acts mature around her sisters, she tends to play an awed junior to (or romantic interest to) Yamato.


  • Rare drop from Fall 2013 Event E-5 Boss after the event extended.
  • Her remodeled version is the one of the few kanmusu to have a sakura holographic background. The others are Yamato, Musashi, and Hiryuu Kai Ni.
  • Named after Yahagi river in Chubu region.
  • Takekuni Ikeda, currently 90, is a war veteran who once served as a crew of the Yahagi in WWII. After being presented with the picture of Yahagi's KanColle counterpart, he gave a comment that she is cute and looks like a good girl.
  • Sunk on April 7 1945, by USN Task Force 58 aircrafts south of Kyūshū 30°47′N 128°08′E, while she was taking part of Operation Ten-Go as Flagship. She was hit by 12 bombs and 7 torpedoes.
  • She shares a captain (Tameichi Hara) with both Amatsukaze and Shigure. Captain Hara was the only IJN Destroyer Captain from the start of the war to survive to the very end, and Yahagi was Captain Hara's last command of the war.
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