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Yaiba is a member of Shingan CrimsonZ and the bassist.


Yaiba has short, dark green hair with blond dye that covers the lower part of his hair. He wears glasses, a dark green shirt, dark green pants, and dark green boots. When in Myumon form, he takes the appearance of a fox with golden fur with black tips, black muzzle with golden nose and red and black eyes.


Yaiba has a cool attitude, but that doesn't stop him from wanting attention and getting involved in quarrels within the band.


  • His theme is a samurai.
  • He is usually seen with a cigar. This can strongly apply that he is at least 20 because the age to smoke in Japan is 20.
  • Just like Aion, he also has a black Chinese dragon tattoo on his chest.
  • His guitar is named Ryukenden.
  • Yaiba is probably named after Hitomi Yaiba, a popular Japanese female singer.
  • He likes cleaning his Ryukenden every morning.
  • He has huge respect to the bushido and rock spirit. As shown in episode 7. He displayed some moves similar to a samurai.
  • He is actually very timid, but somehow gets involve into Crow and Aion fights.
  • He often uses the word "Hence" .

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