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Maybe I could just go back to bed and pretend I didn't see this.
~ Yajirobe
With honor to the end.
~ Yajirobe right before he kills Cymbal

Yajirobe is a character from the Dragon Ball universe. He is a ronin swordsman introduced in the first series. Overtime, he has saved a couple of Z warriors, and has made himself useful, despite his lazy and rude cowardice. He is known for his hunger, which rivals that of Son Goku. He has a history of cooking and eating the monsters that he fights, and in at least one instance (fighting Cymbal), he has eaten a sentient opponent after killing it. He ends up living with Karin in his tower because he grows Senzu beans, one of the only foods capable of sating his appetite.

He was voiced by Mayumi Tanaka in the Japanese version, and by Lucas Gilbertson, Mike McFarland, Brian Drummond, Ed Marcus and Ethel Lizano in the English version.


Yajirobe's appearance consists of small, beady black eyes, long, untidy black hair and due to his love for food, and is quite overweight. His outfit throughout the series is typical of the vagabond ronin subtype typified in manga and anime: consisting of a sleeveless, knee-length red yukata with black stripes, a black obi, black wristbands and black kyahan (gaiters/protective shin bands), waraji (woven straw sandals worn by Japanese serfs, and samurai when wearing their armor) and an ecchu fundoshi (type of red loincloth worn by samurai and ronin). He usually keeps his katana tucked into the left side of his obi. Later, in the last Dragon Ball Z arc, he grows a small moustache and he also sports a fur vest.


Yajirobe is very asocial, preferring to be by himself often so he can eat peacefully, and often acts rude towards others. Yajirobe enjoys consuming large amounts of food and has a grumpy attitude to those who bug or distract him, even in the slightest. He enjoys eating wild roast pig and also possesses a particular affinity for steamed pork buns (butaman in Japanese); which he is depicted eating in several scenes throughout the series and regrets not consuming more when he thinks Vegeta is about to destroy the Earth during the Vegeta Saga. Also true to the vagabond ronin stereotype, Yajirobe is unkempt and does not care if his loincloth is visible to other people. According to the Daizenshuu and other databooks, Yajirobe enjoys driving stolen cars. He also enjoys fishing, hunting and taking afternoon naps. He is somewhat characterized as a coward because he tries to avoid major skirmishes, as seen with King Piccolo and Vegeta, but prefers to be thought of as intelligently careful.

In spite of his cowardly and asocial traits, Yajirobe does possess a more honorable and noble side which is shown on several occasions. After Goku took a brutal beating at the hands of King Piccolo, Yajirobe rushes to his aid and helps him regain consciousness by supplying him with water from a nearby river. He later assists the weakened Goku by taking him to the top of Korin Tower, thus allowing him to drink the Ultra Divine Water which proves pivotal in the defeat of King Piccolo. Also, had it not been for Yajirobe catching him as he was falling to the ground after his battle with the Demon King, the heavily wounded Goku could have perished. In the Vegeta Saga he once again saves Goku from being crushed to death by the Great Ape Vegeta by severing the Saiyan Prince's tail and reverting him back into his humanoid form, which helps significantly in giving Gohan and Krillin the upper hand in the battle ahead. Later, after the Spirit Bomb fails to kill Vegeta, Yajirobe (the only fighter not worn out by the battle with the Saiyans) risks his life to save Gohan from Vegeta's wrath by severely wounding the Saiyan with his katana. Though this only angers Vegeta even more but gives Gohan the time he needs to transform into a Great Ape and finally defeat the Saiyan Prince once and for all.


I've never been hit so hard in my life what's he made of solid stone?
~ Yajirobe when he first meets and fights Goku
Don't worry nothing's going to stop us because nothing's going to stop me from getting that food.
~ Yajirobe carrying Goku up Korin's Tower
Trying and do your worst I want this fight to last awhile. I'll be eating you soon.
~ Yajirobe vs Cymbal one of King Piccolo's hybrid children
There's no weakness in me monster. Hey you don't look as scary with less teeth your still just as ugly though.
~ Yajirobe after Cymbal tries to him think he has no chance of winning
Positive I can handle this best by myself.
~ Yajirobe telling Goku he wants to prove that he can beat Cymbal
Anyway I'm so post to tell you to Korin Tower for a special training.
~ Yajirobe telling Krillin that Kroin wasn't to train him to fight Vegeta and Nappa who are coming to earth
And he wants you to bring Yamcha and Tien somebody and Chia whatever.
~ Yajirobe telling Krillin that the Z Fighters need to train so they can fight Vegeta and Nappa
Ya like I said get all those guys and bring them to Korin Tower I'm training with you too.
~ Yajirobe telling him that Korin wasn't to train all of them




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