Yakko, Wakko and Dot are the titular main protagonists of the featured on the animated series that has the same name. The trio of red-nosed Warner siblings was considered to be the stars of the ensemble of characters on the show. They all appear in the Animaniacs logo, and the show usually begins and ends with gags performed by them. They are cartoon characters of an unknown species, although Tom Ruegger confirmed that they are. As with other Animaniacs characters, the Warner siblings were part of a loosely-defined cast of players and often made appearances in other characters' segments, often as a literal running gag, as well as hosting occasional appearances by other characters in their segments.

Yakko the eldest is the leader of the trio with an attitude of a wise guy, Wakko the middle is the mild-mannered, polite kid but can be a complete goofball of the three, and Dot the youngest and the only girl (basically the little princess of the trio) is cute, vain, sassy, and headstrong. All three of them run amok throughout the studio. However, they don’t provoke a person unless they’re asking for it. The siblings only use force when someone is being mean or disrespectful.

Yakko was voiced by Rob Paulsen, Wakko was voiced Jess Harnell and Dot voiced by Tress MacNeille.








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