Yamato Akitsuki (pronounced: "uh-key-ski") is the main protagonist of the Anime/Manga Suzuka. He is the next-door neighbor of Suzuka Asahina, who he falls madly in love with. Yamato is also a track sprinter of the high school he and Suzuka both attend together. 

In the English dub, Yamato is voiced by Todd Haberkorn. 


Yamato is a young man of average height, with a slight muscular build, black hair, and brown eyes. While participating in track events, Yamato wears a sports tank top, shorts, and blue spike sneakers.


Yamato is clumsy and has a carefree attitude, which often gets him into comprising situations. He has an almost spineless attitude when it comes to defending his position on a subject when confronted and his need to apologize constantly when he thinks he did something wrong makes him a generally weak-willed character. When the need arises, he can become focused and determined.

He is exceedingly clueless when it comes to girls and their feelings which to leads to many misunderstandings in general. Added the fact that Suzuka is not your typical girl and would be hard for anyone to read compounds the problems the two face together.


Although not the best in academics, he discovered a natural gift as a sprinter and later joined the track and field team to be closer to Suzuka. During his senior year of high school, he became a well-liked and respected track captain. Even though he did not achieve his goal of becoming first nationally during high school in the 100 meters, he was scouted and recommended to attend two universities: Touto University and Seijo University.

Yamato is capable of doing the "rocket start," an explosive starting technique that uses both legs to propel a person forward rather than relying on only one leg. Many people remark on this start as it is difficult and was also used by the top sprinter [Tsuda|Kazuki Tsuda]. In the first chapter of Fuuka it is revealed, that he became a 100 Meter olympic athlete and won the silver medal in the world championships.

Aside from track, Yamato is also a proficient cook, being able to create his native Hiroshima dishes occasionally. He is an avid fan of the Hiroshima Carps and whenever he goes out for karaoke, he sings only their anthem which [Hattori|Yasanobu] Hattori usually pokes fun at.


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