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Yandere-kun is the male equivalent of Yandere-chan and a character from Yandere Simulator. His character not fully implemented yet but the player can use the Easter Egg menu to change Yandere-chan into to him.


"Many people have requested the ability to play as a male protagonist instead of a female. This would take a lot of extra time and money, since a male protagonist could not be added to the game without male equivalents of all of Yandere-chan's animations and voiced lines. However, if it was to happen, what would "Yandere-kun" be like?

One possibility is that Yandere-kun - exactly like his female equivalent - is an emotionless boy who feels no reason to live...until he meets Senpai, and finally begins experiencing the same emotions and sensations that everyone else can experience. Yandere-kun would seek to eliminate anyone who threatens to take Senpai away from him, because Yandere-kun doesn't want to lose the one thing that makes him feel alive.

Another possibility is that Yandere-kun is a naturally sadistic person who requires an obsession to give his life meaning. He has marked a girl to be "his" - his property, his possession. He's hunting down anyone who flirts with Senpai because it's like a game to him...a game of death.

What kind of person will Yandere-kun be? Will there even be a Yandere-kun? Only time will tell."



  • YandereDev pictures Yandere-kun as a sadistic-looking version of Senpai.

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