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Yankee Irving is the main protagonist of Everyone's Hero.

He was voiced by Jake T. Austin.


Yankee Irving finds himself at an extraordinary crossroads: He has a chance to be a hero - and make a difference against incredible odds - or he can play it safe. With faith in himself instilled by his family, he teams up with a sassy young girl and some off-the-wall sidekicks (a talking baseball named Screwie) to retrieve Babe Ruth's stolen bat Darlin from Lefty Maginnis.


Yankee is a young baseball fan whose father Stanley works as a custodian for the Yankee Stadium. While the two are on the premises, a thief (named Lefty Maginnis) steals Babe Ruth's famous bat Darlin' to which Stanley takes the blame and is temporarily dismissed until Darlin' can be found. An livid Stanley accuses Yankee for stealing it and setting him up, which he would regret later on.

Determined to reclaim the bat, Yankee journeys across the country to Chicago where the next World Series' games will be held. After getting the bat back, Yankee decides to return it to Babe Ruth and thereby clear his father's name. Darlin' and her counterpart Screwie, a baseball, are able to speak during this. Lefty attempts to steal back the bat from Yankee, but to no avail. On the way, Yankee meets others who help him in his quest such as several hobos, an African American girl named Marti Brewster, her baseball pitcher father Lonnie "the Rooster" Brewster and Babe Ruth himself.

Yankee's determination and resolve allows him to play for the Yankees, resulting in the archetypal home run (technically, a series of errors after an infield pop-up that allows him to round the bases). This restores the morale of the Yankees, who score 7 more runs to take the lead and win the World Series. Cross tries to talk Babe Ruth out of accepting the victory, saying that Yankee is too young to be a counting player. This leads to the arrest of Cross, who simply says that he was a fan that cheated. When his involvement is revealed, Lefty is banished from the team and arrested. Stanley is cleared and officially reinstated as the stadium's custodian. Yankee and his new baseball friends, Screwie and Darlin, celebrate the Yankee’s World Series win in a victory parade.


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