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Yasopp is a male character in the anime and manga series One Piece. He's a member of the Red Hair Pirates, and the father of Usopp, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He left Usopp suddenly when the child was very young to join Shanks on his journey. It's unknown truly if he or Benn Beckman is the first mate, as it's unknown which one joined first, but many consider that position to be Benn Beckman. He serves under Shanks, and alongside Benn Beckman, Rockstar, Lucky Roo, and several other, as of yet unnamed, characters.

He is voiced by Michitaka Kobayashi in the Japanese version, and by Jason Griffith in the English dub version of the One Piece anime by 4Kids Entertainment, and by formerly Scott Freeman and currently Jeff Johnson in the Funimation English dubbed version.  


Yasopp is a tall, muscular man with dark skin, black eyes, very long, brown hair, in the style of dreadlocks, and large, round, brown lips. He wears baggy, gray pants, held up by a massive, brown belt with a masisve, gray belt buckle, a thin, black shirt, and an extremely long, tan cape, with navy blue stars littering all over it.  


Yassap is a proud man.



East Blue Saga

Sky Island Saga

Water 7 Saga

Summit War Saga

Yonko Saga


  • In the anime, his name on his headband is misspelled as "Yassopp".
  • Yasopp's favorite food is the fish of the season.


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