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I don't care what the world thinks. Ugliness is subjective and I am free to make my own judgements.
~ Yasuke Matsuda

Yasuke Matsuda (松田 夜助 Matsuda Yasuke), is the deuteragonist of Danganronpa/Zero with the title of Ultimate Neurologist (超高校級の「神経学者」chō kōkō kyū no “shinkei gakusha”) As the person to be responsible for Ryoko Otonashi's treatments for her poor memory, he is actually the one responsible for keeping her the way she is, to prevent her from remembering her true self, Junko Enoshima. While callous and aloof, Junko is the only person he's had close to him all his life, and so he makes it his mission to protect her.


Yasuke is a young adult with thin features and pale skin, giving the appearance of a man who lingers inside often. He wears a kept yet messy, half-tucked dress shirt with a loose black tie. Below that, he has black trousers and bathroom slippers. He's often seen with magna in his hands.


Yasuke is a very asocial, blunt person. Even to the person he's closest to, Ryoko, he constantly calls her mean things, forwardly telling her she's stupid or clueless, and shutting down most attempts at closeness. He has a dry, sarcastic wit, and is very observational- he knows he's being used by Hope's Peak, and is just as happy to use them back for his own benefits. He agrees to keep quiet and help them out, for example, as it both supplies him with the lab to perform higher research and tasks, and gives him an opportunity to help Junko as well.

Deeply closed off, a weary heart lies underneath it all. His mother died when he was young, and he was a shut-in child with no friends. He and Junko grew up together, and she often encouraged, even tricked him, into going outside, just to cheer him up and make sure he was living a little. Despite everything that she did and would later cause, he feels an unshakable dedication to Junko, and is, among all his secrecy and anti-social behavior, a very loyal person to those he does care about.



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