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Yellow Comet is one of the five major nations in the Wars World and one of the main factions in the Advance Wars video game series. They first appear as antagonists in the first Advance Warsgame, but later turn good and join the Allied Nations in fighting Black Hole.


Advance Wars

At some point prior to the start of the game, Sturm had a clone of Orange Star's Andy carry out an assault on Yellow Comet, causing them to become hostile towards Orange Star.

Later, when Orange Star passes through their territory to get to Blue Moon, Yellow Comet's emperor, Kanbei, assumes a threat of invasion and declares war on Orange Star.

However, Sonja, head of Yellow Comet's intelligence division, unearths the true mastermind behind the attacks on the three nations, the Black Hole Army. Yellow Comet and the other four nations then team up to defeat Black Hole.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Along with the other three Macro Land nations, Yellow Comet was invaded by Black Hole when they launched a second campaign to take over the Wars World. After repelling the invading Black Hole forces from their own territory, Yellow Comet joined forces with the other Wars World nations to launch a final attack on Black Hole to end their threat for good.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Yellow Comet later joined with the other Macro Land nations to form the Allied Nations. When Black Hole began conducting operations in the neighboring continent of Omega Land to drain the continent of life, Yellow Comet, along with the other Wars World nations, sent COs to the territory to repel the Black Hole forces.

Commanding Officers


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