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When I stole this Yellowjacket costume from Avengers Mansion back in the day, I planned to use its shrinking stuff only on myself. And for myself. But there was something about...that place. That group. It for me thinking I could be more. I went into space -- into the freaking future! I thought I had the chance to make something of myself. But I feel like...my life ended before I really could.
~ Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara).
Wait a minute. I remember you now. You're a $%&#. You were always a $%&#. And now that you're dead, against all odds... you're an even bigger $%&#. I still don't understand what my place is in all of this... but it's sure as hell not with you.
~ Rita DeMara to Anthony Druid.

Yellowjacket (real name Rita DeMara) is a fictional character, and a reluctant villainess turned superheroine from the Marvel Comics and Universe. Initially, Rita stole the yellowjacket suit from Hank Pym after his mental breakdown but after being saved by Black Knight and encouraged by Captain America, she realized the error from her ways and became an avenger.

She was created by Roger Stern and the late John Buscema, and first appeared in The Avengers #264 in February of 1986.


Introduced as an antagonist to the avengers, Rita begin been certainly as first as an enemy of Wasp later as a friend and teammate, her story has been wildly varied from been appearing from time to time.

Major Stories

Under Siege

During the attack made by the masters of evil against the avengers, Yellowjacket was attacked by her group until Black Knight saved her from certain doom parting in friendly terms.

Evolutionary War

Rita received a signal from her stolen suit, she will later found herself helping Falcon, Captain America, Hercules, Beast, Hulk and Jocasta after explaining to them that she was manipulated by the masters of evil, accepting her aid, she helped them against the high evolutionary and Ultron, after a brief talk with Captain America however, she become a member of the Avengers.


Early Life

Not much is known about Rita DeMara and her early life, but that she was a small-time criminal who was good with technology and computers.

Becoming Yellowjacket

Rita would later steal the Yellowjacket Suit that was created by Hank Pym, who was better known as the superhero and Avenger "Ant-Man". Rita also fought the Wasp when she was stealing from Pym's laboratory in Janet van Dyne's home in New Jersey, and Rita was easily defeated due to not being able to psychologically function with the suit. Rita was sent to prison, but was freed by Grey Gargoyle and Screaming Mimi to be brought to Baron Zemo, and join his group called the Masters of Evil. Rita participated in invading the Avengers Mansion, but the Masters of Evil was defeated and Yellowjacket was sent back to prison. DeMara was later freed from prison again by the Fixer, as he was attracted to her and wanted to aid to defeat the Black Knight. During the fight, Rita decided to betray the Fixer and aid the Black Knight, as she found the latter more attractive than the Fixer.

Later on, Rita's costume received an emergency alert from Captain America, and went to the Avengers Mansion and became an unofficial members of the Avengers. She helped the heroes fight the High Evolutionary and his forces, and seeing that she was a valuable for the team, the Avengers made Rita an honorary member. However, Rita returned to her old ways and joined the Femizons lead by Superia, and joined the new Masters of Evil that was founded by Doctor Octopus. When the new group invaded the Avengers Mansion, she decided to turn against the Masters of Evil by helping the time-traveling Guardians of the Galaxy. Afterward, she became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and proved her value by saving Charle-27 and fighting threats such as Dormammu and Loki.



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