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Yesss is a supporting character of Ralph Breaks the Internet. She is an algorithm that serves as the head of BuzzzTube, a video-sharing website.

She is voiced by Taraji P. Henson who also played Sherry Parker.



As the head algorithm of BuzzzTube, Yesss controls all facets of the site; this ranges to everything from its content, to its marketing. As her job is to capitalize on all things popular in the human world, Yesss is always up to date with the latest trends. As a fashionista, she has the ability to constantly shift the look of her hair and clothing to reflect whatever's in style on the web.

Yesss's success is well established. Her office is decorated with numerous awards honoring BuzzzTube's accomplishments. By human standards, she is extremely well off, as her site generates countless hearts per day, which can be converted into real money.

Yesss works closely with her assistant Maybe, who helps her keep track of the latest trends. Maybe is far less picky with content selection, however, which mildly annoys the more selective Yesss. Yesss also commands an army of pop-up advertisers, who are tasked with traveling to different sites to promote BuzzzTube's most popular content.

Meeting Ralph and Vanellope



  • Yesss's clothes are made of fiber optics.
  • All of the advertising presents Yesss as the main antagonist who intends to destroy Ralph and Vanellope and take over the Internet. But when the film is released, she turns out to be a heroic character


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