Ying is one of the main protagonist in the animated series of BoBoiBoy franchise.

She was voiced by Yap Ee Jean in the Malay version, while Chan Su Ling in the English version.



  • Time Manipulation: She can manipulate time speed, or reverse the timeline after gained Ochobot's last energy.
    • Enhanced Speed: When her power was mistakenly to be superhuman speed, she can run fast after she catches a cold, though it was no longer be seen after Season 1.
  • Enhanced Strength: Despite her size, she deals damage when kicking enemies.
  • Enhanced Stamina: She can run far and can be seen rarely being exhausted or tired.


  • Genius-level Intelligence: She is a very smart individual and skipped a grade.


Ying is kind to all of her friends. Aside from that, she is a fast-talker and a shy girl. She is also sensitive. In Season 2, when she was shot by the emotion pistol, she became petrified wherever she went.

Physical Appearance

Ying is a 10-year-old Chinese girl (11 years old in Season 3) with black hair, light skin, and dark brown eyes (Season 1) and light blue (Season 2).

She wears a yellow and orange shirt with horizontal light blue and white stripes on the two long sleeves, dark blue-colored jeans, blue and yellow watch, a pair of white socks, yellow and orange shoes and a yellow and light blue hat with a domo badge. Furthermore, she has a pair of blue, round glasses.


  • Whenever she catches a cold, she will sneeze again and again making her powers activate and deactivate.
    • It was no longer visible since season 2.
  • She is the youngest in BoboiBoy's gang. She is only 10 years old in Season 1 and 11 in Season 2, the oldest is Gopal who is 12 years old in Season 1 and 13 in Season 2.
  • Yaya said she is the only one who could beat the creator of the Papa Zola No. 5 video game, proving she's an excellent gamer.
  • She is Chinese because she could speak Mandarin words like "謝謝 (Xièxiè)" which means "Thank You".
  • Her face was probably inspired from one of the director of the series.
  • She is placed in BoBoiBoy's class as she is smart and probably skipped a grade.
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