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Please, please, don't make a fuss. I'm just plain Yogurt.
~ Yogurt speaking to Lone Starr and co.

Yogurt is a supporting protagonist of Spaceballs and a parody of Yoda. He is a master Schwartz user who lives on the moon of Vega with the Dinks, who are a parody of the Jawas from the Star Wars universe. He is played by comedic actor/director Mel Brooks who also portrayed the evil President Skroob.


Yogurt first appears in an ancient underground temple where he meets Lone Starr and his friends. He is well known for being the keeper of the sacred power known as the Schwartz. He says that he is merchandising Spaceballs: The Movie, showing them cereal, flamethrowers and Yogurt dolls, for example. Later on, Lone Starr has him translate the medallion that the monks gave him as a baby, since none of the wisemen in the universe could. He tells Lone Starr that he knows what it says but he has to find out on his own. He also teaches him the power of the Schwartz, although Lone Starr ends up crushing Barf's foot. Later on, Princess Vespa and Dot Matrix are kidnapped by Dark Helmet and he and the Dinks help fuel up the Winnebego and Yogurt gives Lone Starr his ring and a fortune cookie, which he tells him to open when it is necessary. Later on, Lone Starr fights Dark Helmet, but is tricked into losing the ring. Yogurt's voice is heard by him and he says the Schwartz was in him all along and that the ring was just a prize in a Cracker Jack box. After rescuing Vespa and saving her planet, Lone Starr turns down the money because he's in love with her. He and Barf finally open the fortune cookie which reveals a magical hologram of Yogurt. Yogurt tells Lone Starr that the medallion is actually a royal birth certificate, which makes him a prince. Lone Starr realizes that because he's a prince he can be with Vespa. Yogurt tells him that he left a special Liquid Schwartz in his glove compartment so he can get back and marry Vespa before she marries another prince she doesn't like. As Yogurt's projection fades away, he yells, "And may the Schwartz be with Youuu!!!"


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