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(in Korean) My name is Yona, and i am 17. This is a story of my father and his friends.
~ Yona narrating about herself the story of Namgoong and his friends.

Yona is the deuteragonist of the 2013 film of Snowpiercer. She is the daughter of the Korean specialist Namgoong Minsoo and clairvoyant Kronole-addict. She also appeared as the narrator in the animated prequel of Snowpiercer.

She was portrayed by Go Ah-sung.


Yona was born in 2014, the year when the world fell to entire ice caused by CW7 during global warming and the remnants of the humanity got to the Snowpiercer. At the New Year's Eve of 2032, While imprisoned at the train, Yona and her father, Namgoong Minsoo are freed by the rebels led by Curtis Everett. After Namgoong opened the door without knowing there was full of axemen despite her daughter's warning, she hid during the bloody fight between both groups. When Minister Mason, the Francos and the remaining axemen surrendered, Yona emerged, and as Franco the Younger ran to attack Curtis, she kicked the pole, causing Franco the Younger to be impaled to death.

While some of the rebels made their way through the train along with the captured Mason, the teacher shot Andrew dead, only for the teacher to be stabbed to death with a knife thrown by Grey.

During the fight at the steam-room, Franco the Elder found out that Yona hid behind the woman, however, Namgoong defended her by fighting with him. Yona took the machete, but is stopped by Namgoong and Curtis who, both seemingly killed Franco the Elder by impaling him with that.

At the near top of the train, Yona fell drunk unconsciously.

After gaining consciousness, she saw Namgoong injured and she used wires to open the door and she knocked Claude unconscious to pick up her gun. She tried to shoot Franco the Elder, but she shot badly that she killed some angry party goers surrounding him before she ran out of bullets. As the Kronole was set to explode, she and Tim wore fur coats as both Curtis and Namgoong shielded them, resulting for Curtis, Namgoong, Wilford, Claude and the party goers to be immolated, with the exception of Tim and Yona who then survived the train crash as the avalanche caused by the explosion killed most of the people inside the train. Both of them perceived polar bear, which indicated that not all life died outside the train.


  • Yona is bilingual. She knows both Korean and English.


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