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I believe I was born into this world with a special strength to defeat Muzan Kibutsuji. But I failed. I failed in the end. And because I failed, a lot more people will lose their lives. It pains me.
~ Yoriichi Tsugikuni to Sumiyoshi Kamado

Yoriichi Tsugikuni (継国 縁壱 Tsugikuni Yoriichi) is the posthumous overarching protagonist in the 2016-2020 fantasy horror manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and its 2019 anime television series adaption.

He is without a doubt the single most powerful character in the entire story and the Creator of the first Breathing Style. With the introduction of the Breathing Stylesthe pace of Demon hunting began to accelerate, and giving demon slayers the power they so desperately needed to fight Demons on even terms.

With Yoriichi's Sun Breathing eventually deriving onto various forms of Breathing techniques, Demon slayers finally began to produce desirable results. No Demon slayer as an individual was or possible ever will be as powerful as Yoriichi before his birth, during his life, or since his death.

He is also the twin brother of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who had a very complicated love-hate viewpoint of Yoriichi and later became Kokushibo, the Upper Rank One Demon to transcend death and to surpass Yoriichi's incredible talent which can only be depicted as being blessed by gods.


Yoriichi has slightly more slimmer bangs and wavier hair than his brother, colored black to red hair and burgundy in the anime, like Tanjiro Kamado. His demon slayer mark was at the same place at the top of his forehead, albeit lighter color.

Yoriichi wears a red haori with black hakama over an orange kimono and a katana worn on his hip. Many Demon Slayers are Conventional. He also wears the same Hanafuda Earrings created from his mother that Tanjuro Kamado wore, which are passed on to Tanjiro Kamado.


I am a man with no worth.
~ Yoriichi to Sumiyoshi

Yoriichi is the man of peace and of reverence. He was incredibly proud to see himself like any other human being and no one special. His brother still has the future and was optimistic, that given the overwhelming power of the Demon Slayer Corps of the First Breathing possessed, a generation would arise that would further exceed their own.

Powers and Abilities

Sun Breathing (日の呼吸 Hi no kokyū):

  • Dance (円舞 Enbu) - A single high-powered vertical slash.
  • Clear Blue Sky (碧羅の天 Heki-ra no Ten) - The swordsman spins their body vertically to create a 360° slash.
  • Raging Sun (烈日紅鏡 Retsujitsu Kōkyō) - The swordsman unleashes two horizontal slashes to hit or defend from incoming attacks.
  • Fake Rainbow (幻日虹 Gen'nichi Kō) - The swordsman utilizes this technique to evade incoming attacks with high-speed twists and rotations, thus creating afterimages. The afterimages work most effectively on enemies with good vision as they will probably fail attack the afterimage instead of the actual body of the user.
  • Fire Wheel (火車 Kasha) - The swordsman leaps behind the opponent and spins in the air while releasing a flaming attack in a circular motion.
  • Burning Bones, Summer Sun (灼骨炎陽 Shakkotsu En'yō) - A powerful defensive technique. The swordsman unleashes a circular slash that defends from imminent frontal attacks.
  • Sunflower Thrust (陽華突 Yōkatotsu) - A single thrust attack with the point of the blade.
  • Solar Heat Haze (飛輪陽炎 Hirin Kagerō) - The swordsman charges towards the target, attacking it with a haze covered slash that seemingly fails to land, but actually does hit the target.
  • Setting Sun Transformation (斜陽転身 Shayō Tenshin) - The user backflips into the air to deliver a powerful upended flaming sword slash.
  • Beneficent Radiance (輝輝恩光 Kiki Onkō) - The swordsman spirals into the air and delivers a powerful slash that surrounds the enemy.
  • Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance (日暈の龍・頭舞い Nichiun no Ryū Kaburimai) - Possibly the Sun Breathing's most powerful singular technique. The swordsman unleashes a continuous fast and powerful sword attack that takes the form of a flaming sun dragon and is capable of decapitating multiple enemies at once.
  • Flame Dance (炎舞 Enbu) - A two-combo strike which starts with a vertical slash and then a horizontal one right after.
  • Thirteenth Form (拾参ノ型 Jū San no kata) - The user continuously performs all twelve forms of the breathing style in repetitive succession to increase the accuracy and agility of his movements while reducing fatigue. This form was created solely for the purpose of killing Muzan, since the repetition of all twelve forms aims to destroy Muzan's twelve vital organs (seven hearts and five brains) that move freely inside his body thanks to his shape-shifting ability.



  • Because of similar designs, the bag in which Yoriichi Tsugikuni held Michikatsu's flute seemed to have made from a fabric of Uta, the kimono of his late wife.


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