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Hero Overview

This world is beautiful in every single way. I believe being born into this world is a blessing in itself. [...] My dream was to live a quiet life with my family. A small home was fine. I wanted to sleep with our futons side by side. A distance where I could see the faces of my loved ones. A distance close enough to immediately grab their hands if I reached out. That would've been enough for me. But even that would never come true. Because demons existed in this beautiful world.
~ Yoriichi Tsugikuni to Sumiyoshi Kamado.
What is the value of a life to you?
~ Yoriichi berating Muzan Kibutsuji for his misanthropic nature.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni (繼國 緣壱?) is the overarching protagonist of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise.

He was the creator of the first Breathing Style, Sun Breathing. With the introduction of the Breathing Styles, the pace of demon hunting began to accelerate, giving demon slayers the power they so desperately needed to fight demons on even terms.

He was also the younger twin brother of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who had a very complicated love-hate viewpoint of Yoriichi and later became the Upper One demon, Kokushibo, to transcend death and attempt to surpass Yoriichi's incredible talent, which can only be depicted as being blessed by gods. With Yoriichi's Sun Breathing eventually deriving onto various forms of Breathing techniques, demon slayers finally began to produce desirable results. No demon slayer as an individual was ever as powerful as Yoriichi before his birth, during his life, or since his death.

He is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue (who also voiced Kakashi Hatake from Naruto) in the original Japanese version, and by Mick Lauer in the English version (who also voices Toga in Yashahime: Half-Demon Princess).

Quick Answers

What is Yoriichi Tsugikuni's appearance? toggle section
Yoriichi Tsugikuni has slimmer bangs and wavier hair compared to his brother. His hair is black to red and burgundy in color. He wears a red haori with black hakama over an orange kimono and carries a katana on his hip. He also wears hanafuda earrings. His eyes are bright red in the anime and slightly darker in the manga.
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What is Yoriichi Tsugikuni's personality? toggle section
Yoriichi Tsugikuni is an extremely stoic man of peace and reverence. He is humble and sees himself as no one special. He believes that the next generations of demon slayers will surpass him and his brother. He is kind and has shown love for his brother even after he became an Upper Rank demon. However, he did show strong emotions when his wife and unborn child were killed by a demon. He strongly believes that the world is beautiful but corrupted by the existence of demons. He is determined to defeat all demons, especially their king Muzan Kibutsuji.
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What are Yoriichi Tsugikuni's powers and abilities? toggle section
Yoriichi Tsugikuni possesses the Demon Slayer Mark, which grants him tremendous physical abilities. He is able to defy fate and lived to about 85 years of age, unlike other mark users who have a shorter life expectancy. He can turn his Nichirin Sword into a bright red color, which hampers the enhanced regeneration of demons and burns Muzan Kibutsuji at a cellular level. He has access to the Transparent World, allowing him to observe lung expansions and muscle contractions in his opponents and find their weaknesses instantly. He emanates no sense of drive, hatred, anger, fighting spirit, animosity, or bloodlust during battle.
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What are the different forms of Sun Breathing used by Yoriichi Tsugikuni? toggle section
Yoriichi Tsugikuni uses various forms of Sun Breathing, including Dance, Clear Blue Sky, Raging Sun, Burning Bones, Summer Sun, Setting Sun Transformation, Solar Heat Haze, Beneficent Radiance, Sunflower Thrust, Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance, Fire Wheel, Fake Rainbow, and Flame Dance. He also has a thirteenth form that combines all twelve forms in succession.
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Yoriichi is a young man of tall and an athletically muscular stature. He shares a strikingly similar appearance to his twin brother, Michikatsu Tsugikuni, later Kokushibo, though unlike him, Yoriichi has slightly more slimmer bangs and wavier hair than his brother. His hair is both spiky and long, about waist length and coloured black to burgundy in the anime, similar to Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the show.

His demon slayer mark was placed at the left side of his forehead, similar to Tanjiro, albeit of a lighter color. His sharp, almond-shaped eyes are a majestic maroon-red colour in the anime and a darker shade of maroon in the manga. Most of the time, Yoriichi sports a solemn, relaxed and unbothered expression on his face.

Yoriichi wears a red haori with black hakama pants over an orange kimono and a black Nichirin katana, whom turns red in battle, worn on his hip. He also wears the hanafuda earrings that were created by his mother and later passed on to Sumiyoshi and his descendants, including Tanjuro and Tanjiro Kamado.


I am a man with no worth.
~ Yoriichi to Sumiyoshi.
I think I was born with special strength for the purpose of defeating Muzan Kibutsuji. But I was lacking. In the end, I failed. Because of that, many more people will die. And that pains me.
~ Yoriichi to Sumiyoshi in Chapter 187

Yoriichi was an extremely stoic man of peace and reverence. He was incredibly humble and proud to see himself like any other human being and no one special. He was adamant that the next generations of demon slayers would surpass the swordsmen of his era, including himself and his brother. He was also very kind, once helping an elderly man reach his dying son, and showing love for his brother even after he became an Upper Rank demon. However, Yoriichi did show strong emotions; when his wife Uta and their unborn child were killed by a demon, Yoriichi mourned their bodies for ten straight days.

Yoriichi strongly believed that the world was a beautiful place, but that it was corrupted by the demons' existence, so he set his sights on defeating all of them, especially their king, Muzan Kibutsuji. When he failed, his sense of honor made him experience severe guilt and he began to consider himself worthless.

Powers and Abilities[]

Demon Slayer Mark: Yoriichi is the progenitor of the Demon Slayer Mark, being born with it, possessing the tremendous physical abilities granted by its effects all throughout his lifespan. Unlike all other marks users in his era, Yoriichi was able to defy fate and lived to about 85 years of age (the average life expectancy during the era Yoriichi was presumed to have been born was between 30 ~ 50 years). It is presently unknown why Yoriichi is immune to the Mark's effects, but it is presumably because he was the first one ever to have it and born with it naturally, unlike all other mark bearers who must train to attain it.

  • Bright Red Nichirin Sword: Yoriichi was the first person ever to be able to turn his Nichirin Sword into a bright Red color as he was born with the mark that presumably gave users the ability to turn their blade bright red as while. When fighting, Yoriichi can dye his black sword to bright red at will, letting him hamper the enhanced regeneration of demons, and even Muzan's instant regeneration, burning him at a cellular level, leaving scars on his body for hundreds of years. It has also been noted by Muzan himself that Yoriichi's bright red blade was far more effective than those of the current generation Hashira, as Yoriichi could completely negate Muzan's near-absolute regeneration for a short period of time while the modern era Demon Slayers could only slow it down.
  • Transparent World: Yoriichi has access to the Transparent World since birth, and could use it with surprising proficient, evident when he could watch for lung expansions and muscle contractions within a person and surmise when to strike them. This ability also granted him an advantage against Muzan, allowing him to find his weaknesses instantly and overwhelm him.
  • Selfless State: During their confrontation, Muzan noted that Yoriichi emanated absolutely no sense of drive, hatred, anger, fighting spirit, animosity or even bloodlust despite being in mid-battle against him, rendering it practically impossible for Muzan to detect him, predict his movements or gauge how powerful he was with his senses. This gave Yoriichi an edge in battle against Muzan as he underestimated his strength, a mistake that shook the Demon King to this day.

Sun Breathing (日の呼吸, Hi no kokyū?):

  • First form: Dance (円舞, Enbu?) - The user delivers a single high-powered vertical slash.
  • Second form: Clear Blue Sky (碧羅の天, Heki-ra no Ten?) - The user spins their body vertically to deliver a 360° slash.
  • Third form: Raging Sun (烈日紅鏡, Retsujitsu Kōkyō?) - The user unleashes two horizontal slashes to hit or defend from incoming attacks.
  • Fourth form: Burning Bones, Summer Sun (灼骨炎陽, Shakkotsu En'yō?) - The user unleashes a large circular slash that defends from imminent frontal attacks.
  • Fifth form: Setting Sun Transformation (斜陽転身, Shayō Tenshin?) - The user backflips into the air to deliver a powerful upended sword slash.
  • Sixth form: Solar Heat Haze (飛輪陽炎, Hirin Kagerō?) - The user charges towards the target, unleashing a horizontal slash seemingly covered in haze that fails to land, but actually does hit the target.
  • Seventh form: Beneficent Radiance (輝輝恩光, Kiki Onkō?) - The user spirals into the air and delivers a powerful slash that surrounds the enemy.
  • Eighth form: Sunflower Thrust (陽華突, Yōkatotsu?) - The user unleashes a single thrust attack with the point of the blade.
  • Ninth form: Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance (日暈の龍・頭舞い, Nichiun no Ryū Kaburimai?) - The user unleashes a continuous fast and powerful sword attack that seemingly takes the form of a flaming Japanese dragon. This technique is capable of decapitating multiple enemies at once.
  • Tenth form: Fire Wheel (火車, Kasha?) - The user leaps behind the opponent and spins in the air downward, releasing a sword attack in a circular motion.
  • Eleventh form: Fake Rainbow (幻日虹, Gen'nichi Kō?) - The user performs high-speed twists and rotations, thus creating afterimages used mostly to evade attacks. The afterimages work most effectively on enemies with good vision.
  • Twelfth form: Flame Dance (炎舞, Enbu?) - A two-combo strike which starts with a vertical slash and then a horizontal one right after.
  • Thirteenth Form (拾参ノ型, Jū San no kata?) - The user continuously performs all twelve forms of Sun Breathing in repetitive succession to increase the accuracy and agility of his movements while reducing fatigue. This form was created solely for the purpose of killing Muzan, since the repetition of all twelve forms aims to destroy Muzan's twelve vital organs (seven hearts and five brains) that move freely inside his body thanks to his shape-shifting ability.


  • Because of similar designs, the bag in which Yoriichi Tsugikuni held Michikatsu's flute seemed to have made from a fabric of Uta, the kimono of his late wife.

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