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I would've told her...that I understand why she did what she did. I just wish she hadn't...I wish she could've learned to let things go. I guess I should too.
~ York answering Delta in Out of Mind
New York, or simply York, was once an agent in the Special Operation's program Project Freelancer who specialized in infiltration. In his role at Project Freelancer, York was paired with the Artificial intelligence program, designated, Delta, due to his personality being best compatible to deal with Delta's rather "persistent" behavior. He served as a main character in both the Out of Mind mini-series and the Project Freelancer Saga.


Many years ago, York visited Club Errera where he met Carolina. With their great skills, they joined Project Freelancer as fellow agents and York would later obtain his A.I. Delta. As time passed, he realized the crimes Project Freelancer were committing and attempted to leave with Carolina, but she "died" during a break-in when Maine stole Eta and Iota then proceeding to throw her off a cliff, depressing York for years before he was found by Tex.

In addition to being one of the most combatively skilled characters in the series, York is also one of the most laid back characters, acting very calm and cool, even in dire situations. He was somewhat of a philosopher as he questioned the morals of what's right and what's wrong. His nickname, 'York', comes from the fact that he's Agent New York but is shortened to the latter word. Rooster Teeth made York have a disability, his damaged left eye, to make the character more defined.


York is one of the most laid-back characters in the series, regularly keeping a friendly and cool attitude. York is also a very social person, being able to hold conversations with others, tell jokes in dramatic situations and cares greatly about his teammates. Furthermore, York also seems to be very curious towards things, as he is commonly asking very deep questions regarding various topics, similar to a philosopher.

York is also regularly shown doing noble things, such as when he helped Tex in Introductions after Wyoming and Maine used live ammunition against her, assisted Tex during the Freelancer break-in, and helped Tex on her mission to find Wyoming and Omega during Out of Mind. He showed his true emotions around Delta after developing a strong relationship with the A.I., showing that he was depressed after Carolina's supposed death.

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