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You Watanabe (渡辺曜 Watanabe You) is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a second-year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Her image color is blue. She is a member of CYaRon!, a sub-unit under Aqours.

She is voiced by Shuka Saitou in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Apphia Yu in the English version of the anime.


You is a second year and a classmate of Chika, who is her childhood friend along with Kanan. She is in class 1 and is student number 28. Her father captains a ferry, and she would like to have his job someday. Her catchphrase is "Yousoro!" (ヨーソロー! lit. Aye Aye!), on which she salutes like a sailor. This is often accompanied by the phrase "Zensoku zenshin!" (全速前進! Full steam ahead!). She also had a cousin named Tsuki Watanabe, who lived in Italy.

In the first episode, on a trip to Tokyo with Chika, the two learned about school idols and the Love Live! tournament after seeing a screen with school idols at the Akiba Dome, including µ's. After Chika becomes fascinated with the idea of school idols, You follows her into opening a school idol club of their own in their high school.


You is a tomboyish, energetic and positive girl with with attitude for outlooks, focusing on her goals. She tends to take action without thinking things over first, and usually says "Yousoro!" (ヨーソロー! lit. Aye Aye!) as her catchprase.

Clubs and Hobbies

Due to her upbringing, her daily routine includes weight training and running. One of her talents is high diving, and she is good enough at it to qualify for the national team. Her other talent is intuitively forecasting the weather. She loves the uniforms of uniformed occupations, which is why she is also Aqours's wardrobe supervisor, alongside Ruby Kurosawa.



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