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Yozakura (夜桜) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A second-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy. Being the oldest of twelve brothers and sisters, she knows how to discipline her peers, which comes in handy in her work as Yumi's right-hand woman and chief enforcer.

She rarely allows her own discipline to slip, but she does know how to party, and when pushed far enough, she lets loose – not only with her huge gauntlets, but with the full verbal force of her hometown accent.

Yozakura has short blue hair in a sort of bowl cut, with a cherry blossom in it, and she has blue eyes. She wears an outfit similar to a kimono, but exposes her midriff. The top parts of the outfit is white, which fades to a sea-foam green color, decorated with white, lavender and purple flower designs.

The bottom half of the outfit resembles the bottom half of a regular kimono, but is open down the middle. It's sea-foam green in color, and slowly fades to a dark teal color as it goes down. Like the top, it's decorated with small flower designs. She wears a pale blue sash around her waste, which is decorated with white flowers. She wears long white tabi, and wooden sandals. On her arms are large, ornate gauntlets, which have pistons.

“Kicking is for men and girls with no shame. A real lady knows how to use her fist, and look good in doing it.”

—Yozakura, taken from the Shinobi Syllabus. Yozakura is considered a no nonsense individual that takes a lot of things seriously while disciplining her peers when necessary. This is due to her harsh past where she was responsible of looking after her younger siblings while her father was at work. Yozakura also has a temper that causes her hometown accent to come out when pushed to the edge.

Despite her serious nature, Yozakura can be a kind, caring mother figure that is capable of knowing when to relax and take it easy, as seen when she is having fun interacting with her peers. On rare occasions, her childish side is shown either when she's frustrated or she wants to let loose. This is shown in Shinovi Versus when Yozakura was sparring with Yumi and she was getting frustrated at herself for not being able to approach Yumi and lay a hit, resulting in her complaining to Yumi on how she's not able to do so. In Estival Versus, while Shiki was out gathering information on the other teams, Yozakura was busy having fun as she was playing in the ocean, filled with excitement without a care in the world.

Yozakura also has a competitive side as seen in her story in Bon Appetit where she mocks her opponents, telling them to give up as they're no match for her cooking skills.


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