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Ysgramor was an Atmoran warrior and the leader and founder of the Companions in the Elder Scrolls series. He is the most legendary heroes of men who played a pivotal role in the ascendency of humans on the continet of Tamriel in the late merethic era during the period known as the return.

While he never appears in the series in his mortal form, he is mentioned to have arrived from a continent called Atmora, located north of the Sea of Ghosts. It is said he established a group known as the Five hundred Companions and settled their headquarters as a mead hall called Jorrvaskr located in the center of the province of Skyrim, in what is now the city of Whiterun.

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it is shown that the Companions pay honor to him through his fractered axe Wuuthrad, they hold very few of it's shards, but with the Dovahkiin's help, they manage to restore the axe to its original state. The Dragonborn will also visit their tomb located between Dawnstar and Winterhold towards the end of the Companions' quest line to cleanse Kodlak Whitmane's wolf spirit. He can also be encountered within Shor's Hall in Sovngarde during the end of the main questline.


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