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Unless we can face that which pains us... we can never truly sparkle! ☆
~ Yuga Aoyama

Yuga Aoyama, also known as the Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling, is a recurring character in My Hero Academia. He is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Later on, it was revealed that he was the U.A. mole working for All For One, but only because he was forced to without a say in the matter and genuinely wished to be with his friends.

He is voiced by Kosuke Kuwano in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Joel McDonald in the English version of the anime.


Yuga is a young man with a slim figure, his face appears rather feminine and he has long, flattened yet spiky blonde hair.

His hero costume is bluish-black, yellow-lined body suit over which he wears a metallic set of armour. He has two shoulder plates, along with a belt support item that allows him to use his Navel Laser Quirk. His costume comes with a sparkly, indigo cape and a red-tinted wing-shaped visor.


He is the most flamboyant student at U.A., who talks pridefully about himself and tries to grab the attention of those around him, in vain. To add to his exuberance, he has French heritage, and the French language is considered to be a romance language. His expression rarely deviates from a smile, even when hurt. His mannerism includes always smiling, acting luxorious, posing, showing vanity, and adding French words to his sentences. To make him seem even more stylish, he's always looking at the screen, breaking the 4th wall (unless he's talking to somebody).

However, it was revealed in Season 4 that this personality is mostly a facade. He acts prideful to hide the fact that he truely feels insecure. He views himself as below everyone else in Class 1-A, due to his insecurity about having a defective quirk. Due to his thoughts of himself, he is naturally a loner, who lacks social skills. Deku has stated that Yuga's social skills are very unreadable, as when he appeared to be creepy, he actually was trying to be nice.

His confidence is also fake. While he appeared confident in his fight against classmate Mina Ashido, he likely had no confidence at all. She beat him easily. When he's showing his true colors, he'll prefer to hide rather than fight, as shown when he hid from the villains in a bush during the Forest Training Camp Arc. However, he will be willing to take any chance to save a comrade, as shown when he gave Mr. Compress a surprise attack with his beam in their mission to retrieve Bakugo from capture by the villains.

Eventually it was revealed that Yuga's insecurities stemmed from him being a pawn of All For One forced to do his bidding under the threat that he would kill his parents should they refuse. This caused his parents to constantly force him to do treacherous things out of fear for their lives, and Yuga was always torn between saving his parents and being with his classmates whom he genuinely grew attached to, which was why he saved Katsuki in the first place and laid down the cheese as a discreet cry for help.

He even believed that when All For One was captured, he would be able to live happily alongside his friends and be a true hero. But in the end, All For One's treatment of Yuga made him even more insecure than before, to the point that he saw himself as nothing more than a rotten villain.

Powers & Abilities


Navel Laser: Aoyama's Quirk allows him to fire a sparkly laser from his chest, this beam is powerful enough to blast through solid concrete and propel him in whatever direction he chooses. The major drawback is that Aoyoma will suffer from intestinal troubles if his Quirk is used for more than one second; at first, it is explained that his own body isn't accustomed to his power due to a birth defect, in which he wears his support belt to compensate, but the real reason is that he was given his Quirk by All For One and Aoyama, being Quirkless, did not have a physique to bear an unnatural Quirk. While Aoyama originally had trouble with his Quirk, further training in U.A. High School allowed him to reduce his weaknesses and become better at handling it. As noted, he obtained this Quirk as a child after his parents made a deal with All For One, because they did not want him to endure the stigma of having no Quirk, but it came with a price: the Aoyama family would be servile to All For One.

Super Moves

Navel Buffet Laser: Yuga fires beams from his belt as well as his shoulders.

Navel Saber: Yuga concentrates energy from his ability and shapes it into a cutting blade attached to his belt.

Can't Stop Twinkling: Supernova: After charging his Navel Laser for 5 seconds, Yuga can unleash a much more powerful laser that has a wider diameter and is more destructive. This takes 4 seconds longer to charge than what he can comfortably withstand, which is why he doesn't use it often.


Maman... Papa... My being Quirkless caused you no small amount of dismay. Both of you came from wealthy, privileged families, and never wanted anything for your own upbringings. And the two of you fretted over me being different from the other children. Even more than I did. That's why... hoping against all hope and wishing only my happiness, you dared to believe a dubious rumor. I suffered at the hands of my new Quirk, which was a poor fit for my body. While you, Maman and Papa, grappled with your own angst as you raised me. Because you so feared my being different. Yes, at some point, I hoped to give back, as you two had done so much for me. Acting in service of others. In pursuit of their happiness. Giving of myself, for everyone's sake.
That note you left... when I learned that - like me - you were born Quirkless... I... I fell into utter despair!
~ Yuga's breakdown from his guilt for being a traitor.
Maman and Papa told me something else. They told me what it is you fear most, All For One. You fear the world learning that Japan isn't finished yet. You fear the light and hope that will come with recovery. And you fear Japan inspiring the world to unite once more. So today is the day... and this is the place where you fall!!
~ Yuga making a defiant speech to All For One.



  • In the anime, one with a good eye can notice that Aoyoma is often looking right at the screen.
  • Horikoshi claims that he doesn't understand him much, but finds him fun to draw.
  • He has the most ridiculous Hero Name in his class.
    • The fandom tend to give him nicknames based on his flamboyant love of sparkling.
  • He has been revealed to be the "U.A. Traitor" in Chapter 336 of the manga. According to this, Aoyama was originally Quirkless, just like Izuku, before his parents made a deal with All For One to give him his quirk. But in return, they were extorted as the latter blackmailed Aoyama into working for him as his spy.
    • Originally, people thought it was Toru Hagakure since the previous chapter. However, this turned out to be a red herring.


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