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Yui Kimura is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in Cursed Legacy. She is a hardened streetracer who is able to give advantages to herself and her fellow survivors in challenging situations.


Yui grew up in a traditional Japanese household but showed an interest in racing and would race scooters in her hometown where she earned a reputation of being able to do the impossible with very little. Her father tried to steer her away from what he believed were masculine pursuits but her grandmother secretly gifted her grandfather's engineering manuals and notes on cars and motorcycles. She could beat even the most skilled of racers who would even try to band together to sabotage Yui's chances of victory to no avail. However when Yui refused to apply for school she was kicked out of her home and went to the city of Nagoya.

In Nagoya Yui worked low wage jobs until she began participating in illegal street races winning and earning more money. However Soon Yui began being stalked by an unknown individual. She first noticed that her belongings were being stolen from her apartment and the police didn't take her seriously when she brought the matter to them. One night Yui returned to her apartment to find the stalker going through her things. She yelled at him to leave only for him to pull a knife on her and attack and the 2 got into a brutal scuffle in ending with the police being called and the stalker getting arrested. Yui was taken to the hospital due to her injuries which consisted of a fractured arm and foot her gang showed up and helped Yui pay her medical bills.

Yui's gang known as the Sakura 7 gang wore pink as a symbol for women suffering from stalkers and abuse. The gang grew and their color pink became a bigger symbol of women's empowerment. Soon large crowds of women would show up to Yui's races to support her, after winning 7 races in a row Yui attracted a sponsor and went on to win the All-Japan Motor Championship being the youngest woman to do so soon both her sponsorship and gang tripled. However things came to a staggering halt when she took part in another illegal street race and drove into an Unnatural fog, she stopped and dismounted her bike. Yui was now in the Entity's realm where she uses her skills and determination to help other survivors like her escape from the wrath of the Entity's many murderous servants.

Skills and abilities

Yui comes with 3 teachable perks. Lucky Break allows her to stop bleeding for a lengthy period of time before deactivating. Any Means Necessary allow her to lift dropped pallets making them available to drop again. Lastly Breakout allows her to run faster when near another carried survivor who will wiggle out faster


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