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I've dealt with psychopaths in suits. You're just uglier and worse dressed.
~ Yun-Jin insulting the killers in the description of her Smash Hit perk

Yun-Jin Lee is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in All-Kill. A self interested music producer Yun-Jin is able to use her skills to improve her odds when her teammates are injured


Yun-Jin came from humble beginnings, she would practice her music often until her instrument were taken by creditors when her parents couldn't pay their massive debt. Her parents would work day and night leaving Yun-Jin to take care of her younger sister. Soon Mightee One, a famous record label offered auditions at Yun-Jin's school, and although she didn't make the cut she was hired as an intern. She created some of the studio's biggest hits without getting credit. She appearing in public wearing flamboyant fashion and using her artist name, Magnum Opus. Soon she was placed in charge of failing K-pop boy band NO SPIN. Dissatisfied with the band's sound she sought out other talents to add to the band, eventually relaunching the band with a new member: Ji-Woon Hak and within hours their first video was a viral success cementing Yun-Jin's reputation as a producer. Yun-Jin enjoyed the high life as NO SPIN's first album broke records. One day as they were recording new songs, the fire alarms blared as a fire broke out in the studio as she fled, outside she noticed NO SPIN was not among the crowd, the entire band, except for Ji-Woon, perished in the fire. Yun-Jin refused to let her and Ji-Woon's careers go up in smoke, Yun-Jin released to tracks to relaunch Ji-Woon's career as a solo artist. However as Ji-Woon embodied fear and awe with his new music, a disturbing string of murders began following, Yun-Jin noticed the murders coincided with the tour dates, so she increased Ji-Woon's security detail, thinking the killer was an unhinged fan, fixated on Ji-Woon, inspired by his morbid songs? One morning she entered the studio to find Ji-Woon already their, looking exhausted, like he had worked all night. When she listed to his new experimental track, she noticed bizarre shrieks and snares. A week later, another murder was reported, the body shows traces of torture arranged in the same flamboyant style as the other murders, however she noticed a familiar set of diamond cufflinks gouged into the victim's eyes, and the next day she watched a video from the victim's social media of her boyfriend giving her a cake as she squealed in joy, her voice so familiar yet Yun-Jin had never met her. The next morning, she listened to Ji-Woon's new track only to make a horrifying discovery, the shrieking noises in his song matched the victim's squeals, she wonders if he sampled the birthday video from the victim's social media, as she knew he had recorded the song before the murder was reported but in her mind everything seemed to point towards him when she thought about the other murders how they were discovered at the same locations on Ji-Woon's tour dates and how each of them had a familiar looking piece of evidence with them. She stared at Ji-Woon through the glass, if it was truly him, not just his career would be over but hers as well, no artist would survive a scandal like this, her life would be over. However rather than question it she just continued on, think she was just paranoid and overworked and thinking about the murders too much. However soon the executives of Mightee One began putting pressure on her and Ji-Woon as well as Yun-Jin because revenue was down and they blamed the dark themes in Ji-Woon's music as well as the knife tricks he pulled during performances. Yun-Jin was furious that they scapegoated her artist, she agreed that Ji-Woon's sound was too niche to help them generate profit. She told Ji-Woon that she had fought them off but was ultimately outnumbered. Ji-Woon believed her to be on his side due to her initial fury at the situation and they were given 3 months to make and perform the next hit for Mightee One. At the deadline Yun-Jin was confident in her song, but when the music started she knew something was wrong. Dense, foul smoke began flooding the room, Yun-Jin coughed and gasped for air as she breathed in more and more of the smoke until she was no longer able to move her body and her eyes widened as a nightmare came to life before her eyes. Her suspicions were confirmed as Ji-Woon began slashing and carving up the executives like meat in a whirlwind of blood. They were all unable to run as Yun-Jin watched, horrified that her suspicions were correct, that Ji-Woon was the murderer that had killed all of those people, it had always been him and she had known it, she just refused to believe it and denied her instincts. However as Ji-Woon prepared to kill her as well, with Yun-Jin feeling a burning desire to make him pay, as they both became consumed by a dark fog. Yun-Jin, now in the realm of the Entity must help her fellow survivors and herself escape from the clutches of the Entity's servants, including her old friend and colleague Ji-Woon Hak.


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