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Yuri is the anti-heroic main antagonist of the Thai television anthology series Girl From Nowhere.

She is portrayed by Chanya Mcclory.


Yuri is a young teenage high-school student. She is an 11th grade student. Like Nanno, She travels to schools disguised as an 11th grader to expose the misdeeds, and evils of said schools, but unlike Nanno, instead of exposing the misdeeds of the faculty and the students, Yuri enacts revenge for the victims of the schools. Yuri was first introduced on episode 3 'Minnie and the 4 bodies' season 2 of Girl from Nowhere, as one of the victims of Minnie. She later kills Minnie as a result of her negligence drunk driving. Yuri also has supernatural powers the same as Nanno's but it has limits, due to her accidentally drinking/inhaling her blood after being drowned by two thugs.


Yuri is a light-tanned skinned high-school girl of Thai descent. She has a ponytail styled hair and has a distinct velvet colored ribbon tied into it. She wears a plain uniform with a black ribbon on the collar and a knee-high red/black skirt. She usually wears the uniform of the school she is enrolled in.