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I'm a descendant of vampires who shares blood with the great Count Dracula... you really do wish to have Yurika-sama to suck your blood?
~ Yurika Tōdō

Yurika Tōdō is one of the primary characters for the Aikatsu! arcade game series and the related anime adaption for it. Her dress type is cool, with gothic and loli touches. Her debut is episode 19. Her primary card brand that she uses is LoLi GoThiC.



Yurika is a quiet and soft spoken young girl. She often behaves like a vampire, even going so far as to use an umbrella to shade herself from the sun. Another explanation for her natural behavior is so she can stand out at Starlight Academy. She also likes garlic flavored noodles, a fact only Ichigo and her friends know about. She is well known about her vampire character both around the academy and the outside public.


Yurika has light blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair curled and in twintail fashion with blue hair ties supporting her tails.


Yurika is an ordinary girl who admires old vampire manga, inspiring her vampire personality and use of LoLi GoThiC. Sometime later, the media took a photoshot of Yurika's real appearance when she had to visit the hospital to treat her cold along with Ichigo. As a result, it nearly became a scandal. But she overcame it when she obtained Premium Rare dress cards and the support of her fans.

In Episode 37, as Ran quits Tristar to join Soleil, Yurika was called upon by Mizuki to take her place.


  • Her name was announced via Datacardass Aikatsu!'s twitter tweet.
  • She is was also one of the two shadowed girls in Episode 1 when Aoi describes Starlight Academy to Ichigo.
  • Her Aura is a chandelier with black feathers, black ribbons and purple crystal hearts.
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Yurika is the second mysterious idols to appear in series after Otome.
  • Yurika is the first main character who doesn't wear her basic entrance cards at her debut even until the next character's debut.
  • In Episode 34, as she and Aoi mention history of "Black Ship", this may hint that Starlight Academy also teaches in same curriculum like normal schools, but is more focused on idols.
  • In later episodes, she often speaks in double negatives among her friends.
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