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Yurishia Farandole (ユリシア・ファランドール Yurishia Farandōru) is one of the main protagonists of the Masō Gakuen HxH light novel, manga, and anime. Yurishia is the ace of America. Yurishia was the captain of the West American's Heart Hybrid Gear Team Masterbefore transferring to Ataraxia and becoming a member of Amaterasu. She is one of Hida Kizuna's three lovers.


Yurishia is a beautiful young woman with the typical features of Caucasian descent, having blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. She looks more mature compared to her age and is famed by others for her very large breasts and butt, yet having a tight waist that shows she's trained, all of which she is proud of. Kizuna described her as glamorous and perfect. Since she start doing Heart Hybrid her already large breasts have become bigger and her body overall has become more erotic after she started doing Ecstasy Hybrid.

Her Heart Hybrid Gear looks like a protector with beautiful material. The sleek surface reflects the surrounding light and gold lines of light is running inside it. It has a small surface area which makes one feel uneasy whether it could really accomplish its role as a protector.

There are also weapons integrated on the back and around the waist. The two large units stretching out from the back, the Differential Frames (Offensive Mobile Particle Engine) divides the energy they produce for propulsive power and the particle cannon. The units have a mobile style where Yurisia can move them freely using her will, leaving no blind spot for her.

Most of the time, Yurishia is usually seen wearing the Ataraxia school uniform. Outside of school, she either wears stylish causal dress's or revealing, form-fitting clothes such as tank tops and hotpants. Later, after returning to their world, Yurishia started wearing a leather collar around her neck to show everyone that she's Kizuna sex slave.

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