Oka~y, thanks for waiting! The experimental armament cruiser 'Yuubari' has arrived!
Yūbari (夕張?) was an experimental light cruiser built between 1922 and 1923 for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). Although a test bed for various new designs and technologies, she was commissioned as a front-line warship and participated in numerous combat operations during World War II before she was sunk by the U.S. Navy. Designs pioneered on Yūbari had a major impact on future Japanese warship designs.


She wears a dark blue serafuku with a light green collar, an orange scarf tied into a bow, a green skirt and black pantyhose. She has medium-length greenish grey hair in a ponytail secured with a teal hair bow.

Heavily associated with melons (more specifically, cantaloupes), due to her name (Yubari city in Hokkaido is famous for its cantaloupes ), her color scheme and her general resemblance to a cantaloupe.


Shes loves anime and even stays up late at night to watch them (most anime air late night).


  • Additional equipment slots but HP, Armour and Evasion are lower than other CL.
  • Arguably the best ASW ship in the game based on 4 slots (Fits 3 sonars and a depth charge) and how Anti-Submarine warfare calculation works.
  • Smallest among the CL in the game (in terms of displacement and length; compare her 3,587 ton displacement to the mean Japanese light cruiser displacement of about 6300 tons).
  • Sunk 28 April 1944 by US submarine Bluegill.
  • While her official art shows her equipped with the 14 cm Twin Gun Mount as her historical counterpart, the said equipment didn't appear until the Winter 2015 Event.
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